Fishing Report for July, 2006

Saturday, July 29th, 2006

Fishing Report

Today they turned 1 generator on around 8am and turned on a second one at 10am. All 4 were running in the afternoon. This is really a normal summer time pattern, especially with higher temps.
Scud patterns in light gray or tan in sizes 16 were very effective. Also brown san juan worm or chamois’s.
Earlier the white micro jig did well and then switching to the micro bedspread.

Friday, July 28th, 2006

Fishing report

The weather was a little rough this morning with lightening and rain early. Then it rained again around noon pretty heavy. But for the guys that braved the weather the fishing was good. Brown san juan worms were the ticket this morning. Also caught some fish on a mosquito pattern. A lot of excitement seeing trout take a dry. Makes the heart race a little faster. They were running one generator this morning at 7am. But was a very light one. brought on two more around 11:30. Light grey scuds were also working. We were fishing a size 18. Also the black WD-40 in size 20.

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

Trout Fishing Report

Early this morning several fish were landed on a small custom tied midge that we are just about ready to put in production. Also caught some on an orange crackleback. After they turned on 1 generator at 8 am we switched over to a chamois worm with a small sowbug colored scud as a trailer. Did well but still needed 7X Fluourocarbon tippet. One of our great “regular” customers from Springfield landed a 20″ rainbow this morning on an orange crackleback.
All 4 generators were running at 2 pm.

Our scuds are an original pattern tied locally by Rod, who almost qualifies as an old timer with all the years he’s fished Lake Taneycomo. You might want to check out his bass patterns he ties and sells here too.

Little olive marabou jigs were the ticket today. Also Kastmasters and Little Cleo’s. Try a bubble float with a chamois worm or sowbug colored scud.

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

Fishing report

Water was off tilll about 1 pm when 1 generator went on line. Later in the afternoon they had all 4 running.
Top fly picks for today were: Sculpins, stripped rather fast and todays crackleback color choice was pale morning dun. Also the simple chamois worm, it really works! Just make sure you are setting your indicator deep enough.

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

Fishing Report

We had a good trip today. There sure wasn’t a huge number of people fishing up in the Trophy area.
The water was off until 10 am when they turned on 1 generator and by 11:30 am they had a total of 3 going.
We were very productive today using orange and chartreuse cracklebacks, then switching to WD’s in gray or black. A sculpin in size 8 picked up a nice amount of fish also.

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

Fishing Report

This morning 2 generators ran until around 10 or 11 am when they shut one down. With 1 generator running Lake Taneycomo is up about 3 feet, and still very fishable below the Dam.
Todays fly box picks are: Scuds in tan or gray, red san juan worms, egg patterns, and WD-40’s in gray or olive. Be sure to still fish smaller patterns but increase split shot size. If your fishing from a boat, the olive tungsten beaded midge and red weighted egg pattern has been doing well.

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Fishing Report

The water has been off all day. The fish are biting, but still needing to use small flies. Today we had enough wind that dry flies started working well. Top picks were cracklebacks in green or orange size 14, and renegades. Sculpins were doing well
early then switching to midges in black, gray, and cinnamon in
size 20 and 22’s.
Alot of guys are saying the fishing is slow, but what that really means is that they are probably fishing to big right now. When the fish are tough, you need to down size your flies and leaders. 7x is good but if you can manage it 8x would be better. That will keep the fish biting and keep you busy fighting fish.
Nice little cool down we are having. Low to mid 80’s. sure is nice not to be in the 100’s. Table Rock Lake is down to 914.0. A foot below power pool now.

Friday, July 21st, 2006

Fishing Report

One generator was on by 7 am this morning and by 10 am the other three came online. This has been the pattern for the last week, due to the extreme heat wave.
We had three seperate waded guide trips out today. Everyone did really well. Small flies and light line is the key. We used Rio fluoroflex plus in 7x (2.5 lb). The WD-40 in grey and Cinnamon, size 18 and 20’s, probably were responsible for about 50% of all fish that were hooked. San Juan worms in brown or red, small scuds in size 18’s tan or grey. These flies were the only flies we had to use to catch our fish. Bob, one of our clients today had some really nice 15 to 18 inch Rainbows.

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006


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