Fishing Report for October, 2006

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Fishing Report

Things on the water have not changed a whole lot. They turned on 1 generator around 1 pm today. The fishing seemed to be a bit slower than the last couple of days, but there has been a lot of fishing pressure.
Another beautiful day out today, it was a bit windy at times though.

Fly picks

flash midges
WD 50 midges
Royal Wulf
Brown san juan worms
Scuds in possum brown or tan- sizes 16-20

At night: White or black woolies

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Fishing Report

Fishing for big fish has been really good this week. My son Adam, who also guides for me, hooked and landed a 17 1/4 pound brown day before yesterday. This big female was 31 inches long and had a 21 inch girth. Just prior to landing this hog, he landed a 9 lb. rainbow. It was by far his best day of fly fishing in his life!!! Definitely a hard act to follow. They both were released to spawn and be caught again.
On our guide trips we have been hooking some nice 20 to 24 inch fish on 16 scuds, mostly possum brown, or sowscud. Water was off all day today. It was a little windy and drizzling, but the fishing was still good. Hooked several fish this morning, 4 of them were really nice sized fish, only landed one of the nicer fish, a 23 inch brown.

Flies of choice for today

black woolybuggers size 10
san juan worms in worm brown or the chamios worm used as an attractor
scuds in possum brown size 16
grey size 16-20
cracklebacks yellow size 14
egg patterns apricot size 14
chartreuse size 14

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Fishing Report

It was a bit chilly when we started this morning. My client Steve, caught a lot of fish today. Among the mix was a 7# rainbow, and a 5# brown. Had one brown on for quite a while that would of been at least 15 lbs. 2 generators were running at the time and did run most of the day. It was an excellent trip!

The fly patterns really have not changed much at all. If you are looking for numbers use small sizes, if big fish is what you are after go up in size.

Fly box picks

Scuds: possum brown size 16’s
gray size 18’s

Egg Patterns: Apricot or cheese

San Juan worms: brown

WD 40 midges: gray or black size 20 or 22

Zebra midges: olive or black

At night: white or black woolies or zonkers
or a large scud under a lighted indicator

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Fishing Report

We have been on the water every day and we are seeing and hooking into some large fish. Most of the larger fish we have landed are browns. This is a great time to fish Taneycomo. Fishing today was much more productive than the past few days.

Water generation is still sporatic, not any real consistency. Today they had 1 running in the am, yesterday nothing ran.
Still definitely not running lots of water.

Fly Box Picks

chamois or san juan worms – (fished as an attractor)
Scud patterns- gray, sowbug, or possum brown size 12 or 14
Rabbit sculpins- White or grey
South Platte brassies in green or copper
Zebra midges– black or red
WD 40 midges in gray or black

Rabbit sculpins in white or gray
woolie buggers in white or black size 10 or 8
zonkers in white or black
olive woolhead sculpins

Friday, October 13th, 2006

Fishing Report

Had another great day of fishing. Our client today landed a
8 lb brown. He had on several others around the same size, but just couldn’t get them in. But over all it was a great day! There was also a 14+ lb rainbow caught up by the dam. Really seeing nice good size fish. Today’s bigger fish were caught on a size 12 gray scud. They had 1 generator running first thing this morning, bringing the level up a little over 2 1/2 feet, but they shut it down around 10 am.
Did a little night fishing last night. Did really well on dries just before dusk, and after dark used olive woolies and did well.


Scuds– gray, tan, and possum brown… use size 14 or 12 for
larger fish. **try fishing a scud and using another
scud as a dropper.


WD-40 midges– in gray or cinnamon

Dries– griffiths gnats, renegades, adams, elk hair caddis,
black mosquito

At night…..
Woolies– olive or black size 8 or 10
Sculpins–olive or gray
Zonkers–black or gray

Remember if you land a trophy fish (over 20″) and release it stop by the shop and fill out a form for a certificate and receive a catch and release trophy pin, put out by the local chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Fishing Report

Had a wonderful day of fishing! Guided Bruce from St. Louis today, and was it great! He first landed a brown that was 26″ long and had a girth of 15 1/2 inches. Then shortly after that he landed an even bigger fish weighing 13 lbs and it was 27″ long and had girth of 20″ it was a brown female. The first big fish was caught on a size 14 tan scud, and the bigger fish was on a size 12 gray scud. What a fun time!
Water has stayed off all day. And the weather has been great!

Other flies that are working are:

WD-40 midges in gray or black; Zebra midges in brown or black, flash midge

Dries: Yellow humpy, renegades, mosquito, Bi-vis

Scuds: gray and tan

Chamois or San Juan Worms

At night: Large beaded white or black woolies, olive sculpins, and larger scuds.

The browns are definately moving in….. Now is the time to fish for a trophy trout!

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Fishing Report

Really starting to see more browns. Its still only going to get better.
Yesterday (Monday) they turned on 2 generators around 3:30pm, Today it was at 2:30pm.
Had an awesome day of fishing today! The really big brown broke off as the water came on. Our client landed several very nice fish! Today all we used was a san juan worm as an attractor with a small sowbug scud behind it. We later switched to a yellow glo-bug with a gray scud behind it, when the water was running. Still using very light tippets.