Fishing Report for November, 2006

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

Fishing Report

Fishing has slowed up a bit the last few days. There has been a lot of fishing pressure, the crowds have been unbelievable. They should start thinning out today.
We did land quite a few very nice size fish on our guide trips, 20″ – 25″. The water is seeming warmer than normal, I think Table Rock Lake is turning over, which can really drop the oxygen levels.
You are having to size down on everything. Small flies (20 to 22) and 7X fluorocarbon tippet, and some have even been using 8x, to get more bites.

Fly Box picks

possum scud in sizes 22-18
pris emerger
Flash zebra
mosquito patterns
san juan worms: red or brown
WD-40 midges 20-22 black or gray

Monday, November 20th, 2006

Fishing Report

There has not been any real changes lately in patterns, the same ones are still working great. Water generation has still been very minimal, with maybe 1 generator running but not for any length of time.

The spawn is about over. Most of the very large browns have been moving back down stream. We are still seeing plenty of medium size fish though, just not the big ones.

Fly Picks

Soft hackles in olive #16
Scuds- size 18, 20 , 22 in Possum or tan
Brown San Juan Worms
Red or copper zebras #18
small #14 olive woollies early am

At night: strip white or black rabbit zonkers or sculpins

Friday, November 10th, 2006


On Wednesdays guide trip I had out a really nice gentleman, Richard from Iowa, who was actually on a stand by list since we totally booked, but last minute we had a cancellation and he was gracious enough to come fill the spot. It was an awesome trip. His largest fish landed was a huge 12.8 pounds, a brown male. We caught and landed several other nice fish also.
Thursdays trip, Jack landed an impressive amount of fish. His biggest fish he landed was a very nice 9 1/2 pound brown on a size 20 possum scud. We originally started out to fish for 4 hours, but ended up making an entire day of it. The weather was also fantastic, and very few people were fishing.

This afternoon the weather has gotten considerably cooler, and they did run a generator for a little while. Other than that there has not been that much water running.

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Fishing Report

Fishing has been very good the last couple of days. We are seeing and hooking into really nice size fish on our guide trips.
Technique has really played a very important role in hooking these larger fish. It isn’t always what your using, but how you are using it. Presentation accounts for a great deal of the success. For example using the right size and type of tippet is almost as important as the fly you tie on the end of it. Alot of people don’t want to spend the extra money for flurocarbon tippet, but I guarantee that you will have more hits. Another tip is to not wade out through the deeper holes, but stand on the gravel bars. I have seen more people lately just wade right through the areas where the fish are.

Water generation has been not real consistant, They had 1 generator on this morning, but shut it down around 8:30 am or so. The only day they have run of any amount of time was last Saturday, and they had turned on 2 generators in the morning.

Fly Picks

Yesterday and today we used a small peach egg as an attractor and fished a possum scud (sizes 16 – 20) behind it.

Other picks:
WD-40 midge in gray or black
Flash midge
Prismatic emerger
Black dry emerger
Soft hackles early in the mornings
Small olive woolie in the mornings also

larger woolies in black or white

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

Fishing Report

Water was running first thing this morning, just 1 generator though. It shut off at a little after 8 am. Very chilly this morning too.

Past few days it seems a bit slower than normal. Everyone coming in the shop has voiced the same opinion.

Still seeing quite a few nice large fish everyday.

Fly picks

WD 40 midges: Gray or black

Flash midges


dry emerger: black

scud patterns: tan, lt. gray, or possum brown

Chamois or San Juan worms

Egg patterns: apricot or shrimp pink