Fishing Report for January, 2007

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Fishing Report

Fishing was great today. Unfortunately, the water has been running with 4 generators for the last 2-3 weeks. On the bright side we have noticed the fish are acting and looking heathier. I have also seen several big rainbows by the dam. I would suggest getting there early because of the lack of fishing pressure in the morning due to cooler weather.

fly patterns include:

San Juan Worm- brown #16
Scud- natural brown/tan/grey #12-#18
Adam’s Bug- #20
WD-40- black/olive #18-#20
egg pattern- apricot/cream #14-#16

tips: -Fish 6x-5x flourocarbon tippet
-Use plenty of weight

If generation stops don’t hesitate to use olive soft hackles and grey rabbit leeches.

Sunday, January 14th, 2007

Fishing Report

We have fortunately escaped the brunt of the ice storm, at least for the meantime. Today there is still a possibility that we could get freezing precip. We did receive quite a bit of rain, raising Table Rock Lake to 916.0.

Water has still been running every day. Right now 2 generators are going. Yesterday it was off most of the daylight hours, and on Friday it shut off at 9 am.

Fishing has been really good with the water on or off. Nymph fishing is definitely the way to go still. Fish a San Juan worm or a Scud pattern (we used a size 12) and try dropping a small scud (sz. 16 or 18) behind them. It will produce tons of success!

Fly Choices

Scuds: Sowbug or tan
San Juan Worms: red
Adam’ Bug (a new pattern thats been working great when
water is running or not)
**If water is not running try stripping some:
smaller streamers
Soft hackles
South platte brassie in green
or drift a crystal midge

Monday, January 8th, 2007

Fishing Report

This is day 6 of daytime generation. They have been running 2-4 generators throughout the daytime and shutting off well after dark. Fishing has been productive even though the conditions are not ideal. Nymph fishing is a must at these times. Had a rainbow dropping eggs the day before yesterday. I still believe it’s very early for the second rainbow spawn, but its a good sign we won’t have to wait too much longer.
If the water does drop in the next few days I’m sure they would go back to eating midges, soft hackles, and streamers.

Fly Patterns

Scuds- #14-#20 Tan, olive, grey
Adam’s bug- #18-#20
San Juan worms- #14 Red
Chamois worms
WD-40’s- #18- #20 Olive and black
Wooly Buggers- #10-#12 Olive
Zonkers- #10 grey and black
Soft hackles- #14 olive and yellow