Fishing Report for July, 2007

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Fishing Report

This week has been a very warm one, hence lots of power generation. They have been running water everyday for the last 4 days. Generally starting with 1 very early and kicking on 1-2 more by mid morning. We have had a couple of trips out per day everyday. We have been doing really well. We’ve been using some larger dry flies and hooking alot of fish, with the water running. In addition sculpin patterns have been a top producer if your looking for the bigger fish. We have been really catching some nicer brown trout with the water running.

Of course the traditional nymph rigs are a given, using one of our locally tied custom scud patterns, fished alone or behind an attractor like a San Juan Worm, or an imitation egg. You must use split and an appropriate size indicator.

Also top picks have been the Adam’s bug, Wd-40’s, and the prismatic emerger. Farther down stream the favorites have been weight egg patterns and zebra midges.

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Fishing Report

We’ve had trips out everyday lately, keeping us rather busy. Fishing has been really good and we have had several larger fish landed. We have also caught a few rainbows that dropped some premature eggs as well as large browns being seen starting to move up from down river. Reminding us that the spawning run will be here before we know it. Water generation has been minimal in the mornings, but generally turning on sometime in the afternoon.

Current Fly Patterns

Low Water
-South Platte Brassie
-Wooly Bugger (#12) in olive… Fish these early in the morning
-Humpy (#12) in yellow and red… Fish in slower pools and pockets of water
-Renegade (#14)… Probably the most effective dry fly right now
-Egg Pattern (#16) in apricot… fish with scud dropper
-Scud (#18-#22) in possum brown, tan, and sowbug
-Adam’s Bug (#20)

High Water
-San Juan Worm (#16) in brown and burnt orange… with scud dropper
-Egg Pattern (#16) in apricot… fish with scud, prismatic emerger, or adam’s bug dropper
-Prismatic Emerger (#18)
-Scud (#18-#20) in possum brown and sowbug
-Adam’s Bug (#20)

P.S. There have been many complaints of people not being very courteous on the stream. To be more specific people haven’t been allowing others ample room for casting. There are fish all over the river and plenty of great spots to fish from. This is just a reminder that we should all be courteous to our fellow fisherman using proper stream etiquette so we all have a good time on the river.

Good luck and tight lines!

Friday, July 13th, 2007

Fishing Report

Well as of this Report the water is still off. It has been a really great fishing day today and I must say the last couple of days also. Especially since some larger trout have been involved. I had a son and father out late Weds. afternoon, and it started out with the son hooking several fish out in the main current. I must mention he was only 9 years old, and could hook and land fish like the pro’s. Before the trip was finished, dad landed definitely the nicest fish, a 22″ rainbow. It was caught on a sz 20 Adam’s bug. It was their first time fly fishing. Today one of our good local customers came in with a picture of a very nice 23″ rainbow he had caught and released earlier this morning. It was in the 6 lb range.

I really recommend getting out this weekend, I expect it will be good, still!

The fly choices have been:

Crackle backs in several colors
soft hackles
Adam’s bug
WD-40’s.. black or gray
small olive woolie buggers
Scuds: natural brown or sowbug
San Juan worms
egg patterns
micro jigs

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Fishing Report for the trophy area

We have been on the water everyday, and its kept us very busy. The water has been running daily. Yesterday it was off most of the day and today only 1 generator ran at a low level. They turned the one generator on at a little after 7 am.

Fishing has been really good. When the water was off we were getting a hit on nearly every cast. Today drifting out of the boat, it was close to being the same way. Fish sizes have been between 15″ – 21″. It’s been very important to still be fishing the 6X and 7X fluorocarbon tippet. When the water has been off we have done expectionally well on cracklebacks, soft hackles, small beaded woolies, midges, and micro jigs. With the water running: egg patterns, scuds in gray or sowbug, and san juan worms.