Fishing Report for September, 2007

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

Fishing Report

For the trophy trout enthusiast I have great news! Some very large rainbows are definately here. Although larger brown trout have been showing up, the monsters are still a week or two away. I’ve been seeing and landing 20″ plus fish, but it is still in the pre-spawn stages for the browns. We had a customer come in and thank us for advice that contributed to him landing a 12-13lb male brown. (Congratulations to him by the way)
It’s a great time to fish Taneycomo right now. There has been increased fishing pressure in the mornings around 9 am, but most don’t stay past lunch. We’ve been doing guide trips in the morning daily, and have been catching several nice fish. I’ve personally been fishing from lunch through to the evening. I miss most the crowds by doing so.
Water generation has been a low two generators through the week to meet power demand. Today the water is completely off. I would think it will be off through tomorrow at least. Table Rock Lake isn’t even at power pool so I believe generation will slow down through this next week.


south platte brassies-copper and green
WD40s- cinnamon and gray
adam’s bug
zebras- red/silver and black/silver

scuds-possum brown, tan, and dark gray
san juan worms-brown and red
egg patterns- apricot and arpricot with red spot

-wet flies-
cracklebacks- green and pearl

dumbell eye bunny leach- gray and natural brown

-Dry Flies-
humpy- yellow and red
big ugly

On a final note the new fish ladder is completed and has water moving through it now. I hope the new improvements create a more fish friendly run that they can get up.

Tight lines ladies and gentleman. Get out and enjoy the outdoors! We will be with you in spirit or hopefully just downstream.

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Fishing Report

Well, our most anticipated time of the year is fast approaching! It’s hard to believe the brown run is nearly here. Hope everyone is starting to gear up. I know we are starting to see a few real nice rainbows and browns. In fact on one of our guided trips this week, one of my clients hooked an 8lb or so rainbow. It was a great fish! It took a dozen or so casts until it hit our fly. We have been using several different fly patterns the last few days or so. Everything from dries to streamers. Yesterday it was zebras, south platte brassies, and a flash zebra midge (the same one that caught the large rainbow). Other must tries are: WD-40 midges, Rusty dun midges, scuds, and cracklebacks. And don’t forget larger streamers, like zonkers or rabbit sculpins.
Today they actually turned on all 4 generators late in the afternoon, and Beaver Dam was running 2. Generally the pattern has been 1-2 generators running for 1/2 hour to 2 hours in the afternoon.

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Fishing Report

I hope everyone’s getting ready for the big brown spawn because there are several nice browns as well as rainbows just starting to show up. Most of the bigger fish are ranging from 18-24 inches, but I have spotted the occasional monster. Right now is a good time to get in on some pre-spawners before the big fish and big crowds get here.
As far as tips and techniques go… Try a big dry fly (#10 renegade/#8 big ugly) and fish in the slower water most people overlook. One of my favorites is stripping a cream or copper south platte brassie. Don’t be shy from throwing big heavy (grey or natural brown) sculpin patterns. The bigger fish have been responding well to them. Most people have been doing the best on apricot egg patterns, brown san juan worms, and small (16-22) scud patterns.
The water generation has been very sporatic. Best chance of low water is still early mornings. Good fish are being caught in high and low water though. I’ve been hearing more about bad fisherman than bad fishing. I would like to remind everyone that if someone is using an unethical practice or crowding your fishing area… politely explain it to them. Sometimes people just don’t know what they are doing, or haven’t been taught proper fishing etiquette.

Get out there and wet a fly line…..Good Luck from all of us at A&A