Fishing Report for October, 2007

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Fishing Report

It is definitely the annual anticipated “big fish” time. We are seeing a large number of 23″ and up, browns. Average sizes this week of the nicer fish have been 25″ – 29″, both males and females. We have been on the water everyday, all day. They did run quite a bit of water this past week. Yesterday it was off most of the day, and today looks like the same. Fly patterns themselves have not varied much, still try small scuds, tungsten beaded midges, WD-40’s, flash zebras, and san juans, but on some of the flies, the colors have changed on a daily basis. Last Sunday, cracklebacks and softhackles were doing well again. And don’t forget those large streamers; sculpins, zonkers and woolies. Your strategy with the big flies should be to pick a fish and keep casting to it. It may take a dozen or so casts to interest or plain annoy it into submission! On the flip side, smaller midges are doing well also, but really I can’t stress enough how important presentation is. It isn’t always what your using but how your using it.

We are now offering Coast Guard Certified fly fishing boat trips! We have added a nice 19′ flat bottom G3 boat, with lots of room to walk around in and lots of casting room!

Hope your time on the water is successful!

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Fishing Report

If your lookin’ for the big browns this is the time to do it.
The fly patterns the past couple days hasn’t changed much. Everything from size 22 scuds and midges to size 6 streamers.
This morning there were two big browns caught both were females, one was taken on a sculpin and the other on a zonker. I must say that the fishing pressure is probably the biggest issue right now. If records were kept I think yesterday was a breaker, for the number of people.
Night fishing has been productive, but I would recommend fishing from 12-4a.m. Basic black streamers have been working at that time. Generation at night has been minimal, but has been running later in the afternoon till dark or just before.

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Fishing Report

The fishing this weekend was great! With opportunities to catch several trout and possibilities of huge browns as well as rainbows. Yesterday on a guide trip we hooked a huge rainbow. It jumped several times before it finally spit the hook. This morning Joe’s guide trip hooked a large brown, but of course another one that got away. This afternoon Chuck’s trip landed a 25″x17″ brown,and caught a female brown 24″x14″. Bottomline is that the big ones are here and presenting lots of opportunities to dedicated fishermen.
Water generation has been very minimal in the mornings. They have remained off until later in the afternoon when just 1 generator came on for just an hour or so. I believe they will follow this pattern for at least this afternoon.

Fly Patterns

-Scuds-#14-#18 tan and natural brown
-Egg patterns- #12-#16 apricot
-San Juan worms- #16 brown
-Zebras- Rusty midge and Silver/black
-Sculpins-Olive #8
-prismatic emergers-

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Fishing Report

Again we have great news for everyone geared up for catching trophy trout! The big rainbows are here spawning still, but more recently the big browns have officially arrived in full force for their spawn. I personally saw 2 browns last night below the new fish ladder that were 12lbs. or bigger. There have been a couple local patrons of our store that have landed their first trout over ten pounds this week. There are a lot of fish in the 20″-25″ range being caught. The average size of the fish has increased dramatically.
The water generation has been sporatic at best. As a guideline the water has been off in the mornings and been turning on in the late afternoon and running till a little after dark. Morning and evening are still great times to fish, but my recommendation this time of year is to stay and fish while everyone leaves for lunch. I’ve hooked some big fish in the middle of the day lately.


WD40s- cinnamon and gray
adam’s bug
zebras- rusty dun and rusty midge
prismatic emerger

chamois worms
scuds-possum brown, tan, and dark gray
san juan worms-brown and red*
egg patterns- apricot and arpricot with red spot*
*When using a san juan worm,egg,or chamois worm…Use a scud dropper. Also when using this rig for big fish try sticking with bigger sizes.

-Wet Flies-
cracklebacks- green and pearl
south platte brassies- green, copper,and black

dumbell eye bunny leach- gray and natural brown
zonkers- gray and black (Mostly used in night fishing)
wooly buggers- olive and white (early in the morning)

-Dry Flies-
renegades– in big sizes
big ugly

This is our busiest time of year and therefore more people on the water, so please
remember that it’s our responsibility as outdoorsmen and women to use proper fishing etiquette and ethics. If everyone was considerate of their fellow fishermen everyone’s experience would be a good one.