Fishing Report for November, 2007

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Fishing Report

The trout fishing is great! For those geared up for big browns I’m sorry to inform you they are returning to the depths of the lake. We are still catching an seeing big fish, but I’m not convinced it’s going to last much longer. There was a 15lb. brown caught last week… So opportunities are still presenting themselves. On the bright side the fishing has been a lot better as far as numbers of fish. There have also been a lot less fisherman too.
The water has been not running much at all. If they do run water it’s only been for an hour or two. The weather forecast looks cold for Wednesday so for anyone not weak at heart that would be a great time to have the river almost to yourself. I seem to do really well on those cold days.
Lots of people have been giving me good reports about night fishing as well. Mostly on white zonkers as well as woolly buggers. Other fly choices would still be scuds, wd-40s, and a few larger dry flies (with midge droppers).


Saturday, November 10th, 2007

Fishing Report

The fishing has started to taper off with the bigger browns heading back down stream. Still catching lots of fish, but mostly rainbows. We still have hooked into a couple of browns in the 24″ range, and one rainbow that was 24″ also, the last 2 days, but you really aren’t seeing the huge browns. Crowds are starting to thin out also, I only counted about 20 people at 8 am this morning.
The water generation has been really different this past week, running earlier in the mornings for an hour or two, and maybe turning on again towards evening. Today, (Saturday) it was off all day.

The hot patterns have been:

tungsten beaded olive flash back
Zebra’s ( in the slower waters)

Scuds in gray or tan, smaller sizes

large dry’s like renegades or griffiths gnat

CDC caddis in olive

Olive Woolly buggers in olive with flash

egg patterns (puff balls) used as an attractor with a small midge or nymph as a trailer

We are still using small tippets: 6X 100% fluorocarbon


Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Fishing Report

Sure has not been a lot of changes the last week or so, other than the last 2 days the numbers of good fish being hooked are up. Water generation has actually helped fishing, giving them a much needed reprieve.
We have been on the water everyday, with both wading and boat trips. We have had some awesome trips lately, hooking some really nice fish 22″ – 28″, and getting a chance to work with some really wonderful clients, from the really experienced to those just starting out.

Generally you need to switch off patterns, but today was the exception. We fished the same thing all morning (wading). Yesterday in the boat we used tungsten beaded scuds and zebra’s mostly.

Top fly box picks have been:

Midges: red, coffee brown, and black
WD-40’s in black or gray

Dries: large griffiths gnat
black gnat
olive caddis
Also try:
small scuds- brown, tan, or orange
san juan worms
soft hackles
and if streamers are your favorite :
woolie buggers- black, purple, or white at night
and small olive or white during daylight
sculpins–woolhead or rabbit- black or olive
zonkers– black or gray