Fishing Report for February, 2008

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Fishing Report

Hey everybody… the water generation lately has been very hard to predict. Today they had 2 generators running early then turned it up to 4 shortly after opening. Some fisherman have been hooking some 20″ and better fish. There have been lots of fish being caught reguardless of water fluctuation. With the water off try black woolies, red hots, and heavier rabbit leeches. With the water on your pretty well stuck fishing a chamois worm, egg pattern, scud, or san juan. The key here is to have it on the bottom…if casting out toward main channel don’t be shy about depth and weight. The weather is forcasted to be 30s and 40s all week.

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Fishing Report

Today the weather dropped back down in the thirties, and with our recent precipitation they had 1 generator running. The fishing has been very productive regardless of the cold front. There have been several people hooking fish 20″-25″, but nothing much over that. We are mostly catching rainbows, but this last couple weeks we’ve seen several smaller browns caught. As far as fly selection I’ve been throwing more soft hackles, cracklebacks, and south platte brassies (black and green are the predominant colors). Of course smaller scuds and egg patterns are a good fail-safe. Yesterday I heard a lot about san juan worms working in the rain. I’ve been still using 6X fluorocarbon for tippet. If you are not ready to brave the cold weather or the wind…this weekend it’s supposed to warm up again around the 50 degree mark.

Tight lines everyone