Fishing Report for March, 2008

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Fishing Report

This is the 2nd week that 5 flood gates and 4 generators has been running steadily. The rainbows are definately spawning so while the spots to fish are limited there are plenty of nice fish. The numbers of landed fish decreased a little, but I have been landing much nicer fish. We have also been doing well on our boat trips. There really isn’t a secret to the fishing right now just mostly fish deep. I been fishing mostly san juan worms and scud patterns. Off the bank you will have to fish around 9ft deep. Out of the boat you may need to add a few more ft.
As far as the white bass spawn. It was interrupted by the flooding waters. They backed out to deeper water, but with the water clarity getting better by the day they should be back on schedule fairly soon. For this you can throw your typical white zonkers on sinking line. That is what worked well for me before the rising water.

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Fishing report

We have lots and lots of water. Picture of Table Rock Dam Not only here but the entire surrounding area. Table Rock Lake is currently almost 8 feet over flood stage, and still has not crested. Right now there is 5 flood gates open at the dam, and thats been the case for the last 3 days. For those of you that are familar with the area below the Dam on Lake Taneycomo, water levels are so high that at outlet 2 the stairs are almost completely underwater.
Most of our guide trips have been in the boat the last week or so. We have been catching plenty of fish, but you will need to get very deep to reach them. Currently there are just not many places for good access on the bank. If you are launching a boat at Cooper Creek public access you will need waders, as the walk ways to the dock are under water.

Current lake levels are: Table Rock Lake –929.0 (top flood stage is 931.0)
Taneycomo —713.1

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Fishing Report

The tailwater has been running 4 generators for several weeks now. The tailwater level though was a little over a foot lower yesterday making it easier to wade to different locations. Of course the water isn’t ideal for most wading situations, but it’s still worth the trip to fish for the spawning rainbows that lake taneycomo is known for. The size of these rainbows has really increased the past week or so…very exciting! This is also a good time to gas up the boat and give it some time on the river.
Fly selection hasn’t been too unusual for high water. In my opinion it’s more important to get the correct depth on your strike indicator and correct split shot. I also noticed yesterday they weren’t pulling my indicator under most times…I would definately use the smallest indicator possible for your favorite spot. I’ve been using a san juan worm with a wd40 trailor. Also I’ve been using a small peach egg pattern with a #20 scud pattern. Out of a boat you can still use this rig just adjust your float accordingly. Out of the boat I’ve been using a class6 sink tip tight lining black woolies behind the boat. As tippet selection goes I’m using 6x flourocarbon pretty regularly due to the larger fish I’ve lost on 7x….stick with 6x. When it comes to streamers I would go with a 5x or 4x flourocarbon due to the need for a stiff and fast hook set when using a heavy sinking line…….Good Luck.