Fishing Report for May, 2008

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Fishing Report

Fishing has been doing great this week. The smallmouth, white bass, and walleye are still here! I definately didn’t think that they would stay here that long. Trout fishing has definately been good since they turned the water off three days in a row. They only shut it down in the mornings for a few hours, but I have high hopes that they will shut the generation off this weekend. There is a small chance of rain…nothing serious though. I’ve been getting good reports on bass in Table Rock as well. If they are running water Roark creek is still a good bet for wading. It’s a small stream but you can get access from Stockstill park to the Roark Valley resort. I did see a large bass by the resort, but the creek will hold mostly trout.

I hope everyone is safe and has a lot of fun this weekend…Have a great Memorial Day!!!

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Fishing Report

Good day everyone. Today has been patiently anticipated by a lot of people. The water is completely off this morning. We really don’t think it will last too long but very possibly for a couple days….maybe less. For all you patient folks who have been waiting all spring for good water levels. Now would be the time. For safety sake remember that the river has made some big changes…deeper holes are deeper and gravel bars have shifted. Good luck to everyone!!

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Fishing Report

The water below table rock dam is still running high with four generators. They have run two generators several times, but it doesn’t last but a few hours. We have been fishing mostly nymphs such as scuds and san juan worms. Wolly buggers in white have been working with sinking lines. There are still some smallmouth bass being caught up by the dam as well as walleye. The weather has been nice except more rain yesterday morning. If you are using a spinning rod then you may definately consider large jigs and jerk baits.

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Fishing Report

The 10 flood gates were shut off Tuesday afternoon, just leaving the generators running. Right now there are 3 going. Table Rock Lake is at 930.0, still 9 feet over flood stage.

We have been still catching lots of fish from the boat. We’ve been using woolly buggers, san juan worms and scuds. Those that have been fishing from the shore just below the dam, are still catching quite a few nice trout on fly rods, and also small mouth bass (we’ve seen quite a few in the 3-4 lb range) and walleyes on spinning rods, even an occasional crappie, using jerk and crankbaits or marabou jigs. I can’t believe the numbers of walleyes that were caught this year right at the outlets. Stop by the shop and we can hook you up with all the current flies and lures and advise on how to successfully get set up. Hope to see you on the water!