Fishing Report for June, 2008

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Fishing Report

I know it is starting to sound like a broken record. But they are still running 4 generators almost all of the time. Last weekend they only ran 3, but we also got another heavy rain. So if your keeping track, Table Rock was 10 feet over pool before we got the deluge Saturday, which raised it up 3 more feet, now around 928.

Now for the fishing….of course access is the biggest obstacle. But fishing around the outlet areas has been very productive. Some very nice size fish also…over 20″. Flies of choice have been an egg pattern & scud combo. Making sure you have enough weight on (split shot) and getting them deep enough is the trick. All of our guided trips have been out of the boat, and we have been doing very well. We are hooking into lots of fish, and even some trophy size rainbows. The fish seem to be very healthy and have some very large girths.

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Fishing Report

Today they are still running a lot of water. 4 generators have been running all day. We did receive rain later yesterday afternoon, but not near as much as they did to the north. It looks to be a beautiful day with possible showers tommorrow and monday. The temperature looks to stay in the high 80s. I’m sure it will be another great week to fish! Although with the generation being as high as it is the access from the bank is limited you can still find great places to fish. Your best option is to go out in a boat. This will give you the opportunity to find fish that haven’t been fished to hard. We have still been finding smallmouth, white bass, and walleye by the dam, but they have been harder to find and consistantly catch. Fly fishing we have just been using san juan worms, scuds, and woolie buggers behind several islands. With the woolie buggers we have been throwing sinking lines. With spinning rods small sinking rapalas have been working well. Spin fishing smallmouth, whites, and walleyes I would stick to jerk baits.

Stay safe and I hope everyone gets out and enjoys a day on the water!!!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Fishing Report

Water generation has been generally still running 4 generators. Except for this weekend when they ran 2 generators at a really low level (704.1). When the water dropped the fishing was great! Fishing has been better out of a boat in the higher water conditions. Still a few smallmouth and white bass being caught on spinning gear below the dam. While fishing fly rods fish deep with nymphs such as scuds, san juan worms, and egg patterns. When fishing from the bank I’ve been fishing around 9-11 ft deep. With spinning gear when I’m targeting the bass I’ve been throwing jigs, rattlin’ rogues, and rapala x-raps. We did recieve more rain last night, but they must have kept up with it because the lake level dropped 2 tenths. It should be a great week of fishing so get out there and have fun.