Fishing Report for July, 2008

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Fishing Report

The water has still been running four generators. Table Rock Lake is currently at 921.9, 6.9 feet over pool. Which means it shouldn’t be too much longer and the lake will be down enough to shut the turbines off.
Still the fishing has been excellent through out the lake. Several large fish are being landed. Including a twenty-five lb. brown trout that was caught at the cooper creek access. On the upper end of the tailwater here there are many fish between twenty to twenty-five inches
waiting to be caught. Many have been landed lately. Although wading is close to non-existant as long as you fish deep enough on the current seam you will produce strikes. Of course if you have the means to fish from a boat you will be extremely impressed with the quality and numbers of fish you will catch. We’ve had boat trips everyday for the past several weeks.
With all age and experience levels, but the result is always a great experience for everyone.

With the fishing lately we have been using egg patterns, scuds, san juan worms, adam’s bugs, wooly buggers, and tungsten beaded midges. It just takes the depth and the correct weight for results. Definately a big factor in catching fish here is using good fluorocarbon tippet. It’s clearer, stronger, and it has a better sink rate.

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Fishing Report