Fishing Report for August, 2008

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Fishing Report

Time to break to out the waders!!!!
Water was off yesterday morning till 10:30 am and it is off this morning also. Table Rock is at 916.9. Fishing is fantastic too. We actually got to fit in a little personal time on the water yesterday when the water was off, and it was ridiculous! The largest fish was a 23″ rainbow and a 21″ brown.

Flies to try:
bedspread micro
midges- olive tungsten beaded, rusty, or Adams Bug
Dry Flies– griffiths gnat, black elk hair caddis, beattle
Streamers- sculpins, woolies
cracklebacks- red or pearl
Scuds- tan or gray

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Fishing Report

Well, the water did shut off Sat. night around 6:30 pm. This morning they ran 1 generator to a 704.4 level, 3 ft up. I had reports that the water was so low at Cooper Creek and Downtown boat ramps, that it was impossible to put in early this morning.

I had a couple of great local guys out yesterday morning, Rick and Bill on a waded guide trip. We started out up towards outlet 1, and caught several nice fish. We made our way down stream to try some different patterns and they hooked several fish there also. Over all it was a great trip.

Check out the picture of the HUGE Striper (under photos) caught by Jim, Sunday. It weighted 43 lbs! The girth on it was at least 36″.

Also the first picture is Mariah, it was her first time fly fishing. She landed several really nice fish, including a 20″ brown trout.

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Fishing Report

Great news everyone!!! It was actually confirmed and announced. The water will be shut down this weekend starting Saturday evening. Originally we were told it would start dropping Friday. It is sounds like it will be shut down to zero generators till sometime Monday afternoon. According to reports they are actually going to drop it to 696.5 ft above sea level (normal is 701.3). They are doing this for repair reasons on powersite dam. Apparently they have to repair the flash boards and remove trees as well as other debris that has built up through the floods this year. I just wanted to make sure all the people who keep up with the site had a real important piece of information. Keep in mind this was made with the statement weather permitting!!! Pray for good weather!!! take care everyone and I hope to see you down there.

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Fishing Report

We are getting reports that the water is going to be off this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, (for repairs on Powersite Dam). It will be interesting just to see how the bottom has changed. As everyone knows, it has been 7 months of running water, except when repairs were done last May on a couple of days. Of course it could be subject to change,(like the weather, etc.) But I would keep my options open for sure!
We have been out fishing from the boat everyday, and doing really well. A couple of days ago we had a 25″ rainbow, and the next day a 23″ rainbow. One day last week we were catching quite a few browns in the 16-18″ range. A little unusal to get so many browns for this time of the year.
We have been using prism emergers, adams bugs, WD-40’s, Scuds, and egg patterns.
We will try to keep you update about the water levels or give us a call for up to the minute reports…….417-335-4655