Fishing Report for September, 2008

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Fishing Report

Everyone should be getting excited! The big browns are starting to show up around the dam. They are among some very large spawning rainbows. Unfortunately they have had all ten flood gates open for I believe ten days now. The gates are not open very far…just enough to raise the tailwater six inches or so. Just to aid in getting rid of this water from the last down pour that hurricane Ike dumped on us. The lake is at 918.7 today which is below flood stage. I think the corp of engineers is actually trying to just get rid of the water so we can fish the spawn in low water soon. If anyone is planning a trip I wouldn’t hold your breathe for low water, but you will definately want to keep the schedule open. When this water does shut off…my guess is a week or a little more, but that’s definately a guess. I’ve already noticed the number of fish is unbelievable right now; plus, I’ve seen a couple browns around the 30inch range. If your looking for a big fish or just a good time on the water. You don’t have to wait. You just have to fish the higher water which does add another level of difficulty, but people are catching nicer fish and higher numbers every day. Stop by before your next fishing trip and we will help increase your chances for that fish of a lifetime.

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Fishing Report

After the heavy rains early Sunday morning, it may be a very good possibility that the flood gates will open again very soon. Table Rock was at 922.5 this morning. Not the news any one wants to hear.
For those who are fishing the outlet areas, they are starting to see bigger numbers of larger fish. All of our trips have been out of the boat lately and the fish we have been landing have been bigger in size too. Mostly rainbows still, but we did see a very large brown the other day. One of the guys in the group I had out and myself watched the huge brown mouth the fly a couple of times but he just was unable to set the hook fast enough. It was well over 32″. It was still very exciting.
There is no way to know what the water will be doing in 2-3 weeks so keep your fingers crossed. Either way I’m still hopeful that this fall’s going to bring some huge trout. Even if the water conditions aren’t perfect get out and try to land a big fish. You definately won’t catch them in the recliner. You never know when you might be the next lucky fisherman.