Fishing Report for December, 2008

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Fishing Report

We still have been having plenty of days with no generators. Today is about a perfect day for fishing with low water, mostly cloudy, and the weather is beautiful. Besides that the fishing has just been fantastic! Lots of fish are being caught. Not too many big fish…I’ve heard of some ranging from 5lbs. to 9 or 10lbs. They have been running some water this week and they may run more if the rain hits hard the next few days. We have been using tan scuds, wd40s, olive woollybuggers, cracklebacks, and soft hackles. Hope everyone that could took advantage of the beautiful day. Good luck…..and tight lines

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Fishing Report

We have seen a lot of wadable water in the last 10 days. There was only minimal amounts of water running for short periods of time. It is something we have waited for all this year!
I saw a 8-9 lb brown yesterday below the dam, which we haven’t seen too many of the larger fish this year. There are good numbers of trout being caught though.
We have been using… woollies, cracklebacks, WD-40, zebra midges, micro jigs, and scuds.