Fishing Report for February, 2009

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Fishing Report

Lately generation has been at a higher level, and has been fluctuating between two and four generators. The rainbow trout are starting their second spawn. We have been seeing some large bows that we haven’t seen for awhile. We have been fishing quite a few egg patterns, ice shrimp, and smaller scuds in the heavier water. Wd-40s, soft hackles, and woollies are working in the slower more shallow areas. If you prefer to throw a sculpin make sure it’s heavy or at times you can find spots that will allow you to throw a sinking line. The fishing has been great so get out and enjoy the nicer weather we are having.

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Fishing Report

Ice for the most part is all gone, warmer temperatures (upper 50’s – 60’s) are starting today, so it might be time to get some good fishing in! The last couple of days the water has been off most of the time, making wade fishing ideal. Water generation of course can be somewhat non compliant to wade fishing, but if it was always perfect we’d lose interest! Lots of fish are being caught also, even some nicer sizes too. I have noticed the last week or so that we have been needing to down size our leaders and tippets somewhat, for more strikes. But we having been using quite a mix of different patterns too. The other day I had put on a rabbit streamer in olive and the client I had out did really good, then we switch to a smaller woollie, and had several strikes. We have also been fishing some softhackle patterns and midges with great results too.
Of course scud patterns continue to be a favorite must have for the trout, but after all it is their main food source, if your “matching the hatch”!