Fishing Report for May, 2009

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Fishing Report

Better news today! The Water is off. Something we’ve been waiting for quite a while. So you need to get down there! The projection is to be off all day today and all day tommorrow.

Fishing is really good today also. You might need to blow the dust off your Cracklebacks, south platte brassies, and olive woollies, because they have been working well, and need I mention so much fun to fish!

Hope to see you on the water!

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Fishing Report

Water has been back to running most of the time the last couple of days, but today they only ran 2 generators till around 11 am when they turned on the other 2. The fishing did slow a little from last week, but the larger fish we landed made up for it. We have been doing some bank wading in the mornings and going out in the boat in the afternoon. Those that have been fishing the outlet areas are having a lot of success. A couple of small mouths have been caught in the last couple of days also. One of our clients landed a nice 20″ rainbow this morning, wading. Shouldn’t be long now before we get in more wade time. Table Rock Lake did come up a little bit from the rain, and it now is 916.2. Pool is at 915.0.

Scud patterns have been doing really well, fishing them under an glo ball. Also we have been throwing some sculpin patterns, and fishing them just off the bottom.

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Fishing Report

Good news! They have been starting to shut the water off! Last 4 days it has been shut off between 11 pm and midnight and coming back on around 5am – 8am, with 2 generators, although this morning it was only 1 gen., and then turning on 1-2 more around 10am.

Now for the even better news! Fishing has been fantastic. The old saying “the fish are jumping in the boat” , really has been the case. For example Tuesday mornings trip, we had 2 guys out in the boat, and they had hooked 30 fish in just the first drift alone. The afternoon was just as good, although they were beginners and just a little slower at the hook set, but we still caught large numbers. Wednesday morning started off just like Tuesday, 2 generators going when we started. We landed some nice fish around the 19″ size and even 1 fish measured 22″. They were all rainbows. We have also been doing quite a few wading trips this week with equal success. Of course we are not getting out too far, but hooking lots of good fish, in fact for a little while it was almost every cast. One of our good customers called and said he landed a 23″ rainbow around outlet #2 on Wednesday when 3 generators were going, and yesterday another one of our customers brought in a picture of a 20″ brown he had landed earlier in the morning.

We have been fishing mostly the same patterns all week. In fact they have been working so well why change! Probably the most successful pattern was Adam’s new “Ice Shrimp”, ( a custom fly only tied here.) We fished it behind a glo ball and a san juan worm. Scuds (the #1 food source) is a real go to fly also. In fact if you are looking for specifically bigger fish, try using a size 12 or 10 scud, or sculpin. Now you won’t catch large numbers but what you do hook will be the bigger fish. The Wd-40 midge, and the Adam’s bug midge is also a good patterns to try.

Happy Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Fishing Report

The dam still has been running daily. It’s tricky dealing with high water, but we have been landing bigger fish along the banks in the edge of the current. There really isn’t a secret to it. Just stick to the principles of nymph fishing most importantly giving it enough weight to keep it on the bottom. I have still produced nice fish on some heavy sculpin patterns near the bank. Small midges are also a great thing to fish now such as wd 40’s and tungsten midges. Of course fishing out of the boat has been the best if you have the opportunity. Fishing the creeks down river throw soft hackles in smaller sizes as well as cracklebacks. Get out and enjoy the fishing it’s always a great time here on Taneycomo!!!