Fishing Report for July, 2009

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Fishing Report

Sure hope a lot of people are taking advantage of the great fishing recently. It has been so nice to get reprives from the water generation so you can get out and wade. Last weekend the water was off all day till around 5pm, giving us ample time to get in a good couple of days worth of fishing. Monday & Tuesday the generation began around noon. Today it turned on at 8am.
We have had guided trips out daily, some wading, and some drifting in the boat. Everyone from beginners to very seasoned fishers. One of my most common responses is that they can not believe what great quality of trout we have. And how many fish they catch. A couple of days there was a hit nearly every cast.
Lots of different patterns have been really successful lately, which personally I love. We have had lots of success fishing the rabbit sculpin pattern when the water is off. This fly has actually been good for about 3 weeks+, also the white or Lt. yellow micro-jig has been a constant producer for some. Cracklebacks are working well, stripped just under the surface.
The Adam’s bug (a midge) fished under a zebra has a good one too. If your fishing scuds, tan & gray are the hot colors in sizes 18 or 16. chamois worms, and San juans in red or brown work well too especially fished as an attractor above a scud.
With more people fishing lately, presentation really does become more of a factor at hooking more fish. Make sure you are mending your line, and you will get more bites using 7X fluorocarbon tippet.
Keep in mind it won’t be long before the spawning time!!!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Fishing Report

Sure has been a busy last couple of weeks. We have been on the water every day with guide trips, in the boat and wading. Our clients have been landing some decent size fish also, we had browns hooked up to 19″ and rainbows up to 20″.

Water generation has been very consistant also. The pattern has been: 1-2 generators turning on around 2 or 3 pm and running till 6-8 pm. This has been the case for about a month. The rest of the time it has been off.

We have been fishing everything from sculpins to size 20 midges. Can’t seem to tie enough of either lately. At different times, cracklebacks or black woolie buggers stripped rather fast have been good too.

Friday, July 3rd, 2009


Hope everyone is getting a little time to get away and do some fishing. The Dam here has been running very little water for the last 3 weeks or so. In fact they have been running just 1 or 2 generators around 2-3 pm and only running for a couple of hours. The projections are also for that to be the pattern through Sunday. That has been giving us lots of wading opportunities. Fishing has been good too! Probably one of the biggest factors lately is the need to use very light tippets. Mostly 7x flurocarbon.

The most effective patterns have been:
Midges: Wd-40’s, olive tungsten midge, rusty midge, and the Adam’s bug
Scuds have been good too, but we have been using 20’s & 22″s
Micro jigs
Clown glo-balls
Chamois worms

Happy 4th!