Fishing Report for August, 2009

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Fishing Report

Starting today it sounds like the weather is going to be really spectacular for about a week out. Cooler days in the upper 70’s and 50’s at night.

The dam has been running some water every day since Monday, mostly 1 generator till about 1pm and then increasing it to 2. Last weekend it was off till around 4pm at which time they turned on 1 generator for about an hour.

Good fly patterns have been, scuds ( dk. gray or brown), san juan worms (red or brown), and glo bugs, especially with running water. We have also been throwing cracklebacks holographic red or green, Adam’s midge, a new japanese beetle pattern we’ve been experimenting with, and sculpins dragged off the rocks. Also the white or lt. yellow micro jigs or the scarlett beadhead disco midge deserve mention.

We are daily seeing more and more nicer fish starting to move up for the all important big event of the year……The Brown run! Of course many more larger Rainbows will first move up towards the dam.

Hope you get a chance to enjoy the great weather and good fishing!!!!!

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Fishing Report

The fishing has been awesome. Everyone should be getting ready for the upcoming rainbow and brown trout spawn! We have started to see some big fish in the past few days. Mostly rainbows but 2 big browns have been caught in the past couple days! The water has been off daily till around 1 o’clock when they have been turning on 3 or 4 generators. For the most part people are fishing the usual scuds, eggs, micro jigs, and midges…but this past week griffiths gnats, soft hackles, and woolly buggers have been doing well on a short strip. It’s still paying off to fish 7x flourocarbon when you can but 6x is more common when you are stripping the gnat or soft hackles. Plan some time to hit the river you won’t be disappointed!