Fishing Report for October, 2009

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Fishing Report

For those who have been watching the lake levels, (seems to be the main topic for the last 2 years) They have again opened the flood gates. About 11 am this morning. Guess the 5.2″ + rain we received last night is the main culprit. We sure have not received much of a break these last 2 years!
Fishing, even though access has been somewhat limited to the outlet areas, has been very good. The client we had out yesterday wading, netted over 50 fish in just 4 hours. 5 of which were browns. One rainbow was in the 5lb range. A great day of fishing! Most of all my other trips have been out of the boat. Which can be an excellent option.

Fly Picks:
Scuds, in larger sizes, 14 & 12’s brown or olive/gray
Chamois worms
San Juan worms in brown and peach
White puffballs in sz 12
Ghost streamers in black sz 8

This weekend is the youth deer hunting season. I hope to get out with my grandaughter Jess, so she can find her 1st deer. I really enjoy encouraging and seeing the young kids so excited over hunting as well as fishing.

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Fishing Report

Saturday, October 24th. They did shut all the flood gates about 8 am. They are still running all 4 generators, keeping it around 708 – 709 level. Completely off level is 701.3.

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Fishing Report

Right now (10:15 am) the ten flood gates are still open, but not real far. Table Rock Lake is at 918.0. and we have heard that they will shut them off (the gates) when Table Rock drops to 917.0. Of course this is all subject to change. The actual level below the Dam on Taneycomo is up about 1 ft. higher than if just all 4 generators were running.

If you are able to adapt, the trout fishing is still good. We have been doing most of our guided trips out of the boat lately, which is a great alternative to wading by the outlets.

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Fishing Report

Who would of thought we would of had to contend with 10 flood gates again! All of the gates have been open since last Saturday (Oct. 10th). Right now this has raised the water level below the Dam behind the hatchery to 712.7. With all 4 generators going at max. the lake level can be between 710 & 711. Translation: right now that is about 1.7 feet higher than if just 4 generators were running. How long will it run? That is a question that no one can answer exactly right now. As of 10 am today it is at 921.7

Higher water has really increased the bites! I have been on the water everyday mostly in the boat with guide trips and we have hooked into some really nice larger fish. I think the largest fish landed was a brown that measured 26″. Of course there were several that made it up to the boat, but never quite made it in. There is also a huge brown that has been sighted by oulet #3 ….20 lbs+.
We have been using longer leaders and 5x Fluorocarbon tippet. Scuds have been the biggest producer. Brown, sowbug, and Dk gray. Chamois worms and San Juans in brown or orange have been a hit also! Apricot eggs are a must use too! Adam had tied one of his special ice shrimp for someone the other day and he came back and reported that he was the only one catching fish.

A couple of guys I talked to yesterday are getting ready to get their spinning rods out in the event the Small mouths and Walleye show up again, like last time the gates were open.

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Fishing Report

Well the biggest story as of late is all the rain we have gotten yesterday and today. Right now they have all the turbines off at the Dam, its in a somewhat of a holding pattern I would assume. Taneycomo Lake right below the Table Rock Dam is still high, in fact its high enough for boats to come all the way up to the cable. There is almost no current at all.

Yesterday we spotted a nice group of browns coming in by the outlet areas. Most averaging 5 lbs. Really nice fish. There was a 15lb male brown spotted behind the island yesterday in the higher water. The last two days we have been out wading with our clients in the mornings and taking the boat out during the afternoon trips, even though it was super soggy out! But thats when you find out how good your rain gear is. We caught lots of fish on the Egg/ scud combo, or the San Juan worm/scud combo. I never had to change the patterns we were using because they were doing so well, but I did have to switch up to 5x tippet after a while, because we started losing too many nicer sized fish when we were fishing out of the boat. You can also use 5x while wading, but that’s usually a tactic only if your hunting the big ones.