Fishing Report for March, 2010

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Fishing Report

Can anyone say “DROUGHT”!
Water levels have jumped up again, after the last 2 good rains we have had. Table Rock came up 4 ft, and is sitting at 918.4 right now. Pool is 915. Three generators are running and 4 spillways are open round the clock right now. Taneycomo is up to the concrete steps by outlet 1, for those that are familar with it.

We have been doing guide trips out of the boat and wading at the outlets. We are landing some good fish still,.. Rainbows 19″-22″. Quality is really there. Definately need to add more weight, or try using a sinking leader.

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Fishing Report

Water has been both off and on this week, giving us some wading time. Of course it hasn’t been off as much as we all would like, and is still operating at somewhat of an unpredictable schedule, kinda like the weather.
Earlier this week it didn’t even matter what you were throwing, the trout were taking just about anything. We have consistantly been landing at least 1 rainbow over 20″ every day on guided trips, both wading and in the boat.
The fish have been more specifically taking cracklebacks, midges, sculpins, as well as soft hackles. Of course scuds, egg patterns, and san juans are producing plenty of fish.

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Fishing Report

The last few days the Dam has been running 1-2 generators, but not real hard. Taneycomo had been up probably around 3 feet or less from the off level. Right now they are running 2 and it is at 705.4 Table Rock is now below pool, at 914.6. So, the logistics are good for off water conditions.
Fishing has been pretty good. You can catch several fish if you stick to main basics of presentation. Rainbows are definately spawning right now. Quite a few bigger rainbows over 20 inches are being caught because of the spawn, and the males have a real deep red color to them.


Egg imiatations in peach or pink
Scuds: larger ones from the boat, and smaller 18’s from shore- tan or
WD-40’s: gray or cinnamon
San Juan worms in red
Adams bug
leadeye sculpins
tungsten beaded midge- pink or red
Now for those who live for the white bass, its on right now in the creeks. Several are being caught. Mostly males right now, but they seem to be bigger than in the past.

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Fishing Report

Table Rock Lake is approaching power pool. Meaning the water should start being off more, especially since Beaver is finally down to where it should be.
The generators here have been running 2-4 most of the time the last week and a half.
But I expect it to be off more real soon. And now the weather seems to be cooperating more, pushing into the upper 50’s to 60, and sunshine!!
Some really nice fish have been hooked lately. Yesterday someone caught a really nice 23″ male rainbow wading by one of the outlet areas on a fly rod.
Boat trips have been real good also. Chuck had a boat trip out just a couple of days ago, the clients, Dave and Gene, landed over 20 fish just on the first drift. They were using an egg scud combo most of the time.
Hope you can make some time to go fish… THEY’RE WAITING ON YOU!!!!!