Fishing Report for April, 2010

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Fishing Report

The last week or so Water generation has been fairly constant with 1 generator going, with the exception of last Tuesday, it went off at 11am. Must have caught a lot of folks off guard, since there were few people fishing. Reports from friends, customers, and also on guide trips, it was nothing to hook well over 50 fish in 3 hours. They also had the water off Friday Midnight till 6am Sat. First thing this morning it was off also, but they cranked on 2 not too long ago. Table Rock did come up some to 915.4 after the heavy rains/ and storms we got yesterday. It got very wicked for a while yesterday on the water.
Saturday we were hooking several fish during a tournament on a sculpin and olive woolie bugger. The tungsten beaded midges have been doing well also; the red and olive one with a sliver bead, and the wine with a black bead. Scuds in sowbug behind a san juan also was doing well for others too.

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Fishing Report

Today Table Rock Lake has finally hit pool, 915.0. Maybe now you will be able to to experience more wading time. When the water does go off, it should be a feeding frenzy! Can’t wait!
And the weather we have been having is perfect.

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Fishing Report

It looks very promising that we should be able to do quite a bit of wade fishing below the Dam, very soon. Table Rock Lake is now at 915.6, which the target number is 915 (pool). So it shouldn’t be very long now, and the conditions will be ideal for wade fishing.

The 4 generators running have not really affected the amounts of fish that are being caught, as long as you make sure you are close to the bottom, using extra weight.
We have been doing very well in the boat, my last trip they caught so many they lost count! We were hooking & landing 10-12 fish each half mile drift. Tungsten beaded midges, scuds, and Adams bugs did the best.

According to the weather reports, it should be near perfect temps! It also is very pretty right now with all the flowering trees in bloom and the leaves popping out on the other trees.

White Bass: Its that time of year! It is definately on! Yesterday quite a few were caught out of Swan Creek, only a few out of Beaver Creek, but they saw a lot of fish. On Table Rock Lake, back in the coves and mouths of the creeks have been great.

If your fly fishing: clousers and woollies
Spin fishing: Swimming minnows- White or purple, or the new mimic minnow

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Fishing Report

Yesterday they did turn on the 4th generator after the work on it was completed, and then closed the 4 spillways. Table Rock is still 2 feet over pool, but is dropping rather consistently.
Yesterday, on the morning guided boat trip, we landed several larger fish up by the Dam. I don’t think anything we caught was under 16″. It did start to slow up in the afternoon when they closed the spillways. Todays morning trip was almost an exact repeat. Much larger fish on average landed.
The white micro jig did real well for quite a while. We also used Scuds in size 18, tan & gray, and the Adams bug. The super nice weather has been great too!