Fishing Report for May, 2010

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Fishing Report

They are running 3 generators today. I have had several great fishing reports this morning. Yesterday was quite a bit lower, but stay hopeful for the next couple days. Another thing worth mentioning is how big the fish are right now…alot of people hate the higher water, but there is no mistaking that it makes the trout bigger. People are mostly fishing the typical nymphs, but we’ve been doing really well on a grey uv scud and an adam’s bug. As far as the scuds go you’ll wanna try to stick to #18/#20 possum browm or dark gray. The traffic still hasn’t hit the river yet so you might consider going as soon as possible to get a chance at some nice trout. Well we hope to see you out on the river either today or this weekend.

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Taneycomo Trout Report

Table Rock has come up some more. It is sitting at 918.4. For a few days you couldn’t get through on the recording. They are running 4 generators hard right now bringing Taneycomo up to 710.6. At least they are dumping hard. I know we have more rain in the forecast for the next 3 days.

Had a boat trip out this am and Adam had a wading trip out at the same time. Adam said at one point they had a fish hooked on every cast. He was having his client use one of his gray ice shrimp. In the boat it was good too. Hooking fish has not tapered off all.

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report

Well our luck sorta ran out with all the rain we have gotten in the last few days. Table Rock has jumped to 917.3. Of course Beaver was dumping last week to get their levels down. But we did get to enjoy some time with no generation for about a week. The last couple of days they have been running 1-2 generators. But the actual levels on Taneycomo have been low enough to wade out and fish on most of the gravel bars. Like it was up about 3 feet higher that the off level this morning, until they turned on all 4 generators at 12:45 pm today.

We have been doing trips continuously though, some wading and some in the boat. Yesterday we did have to take a break when it started to lightning, but went back out after lunch and finished our trip. Yesterdays trip was a 70th Birthday celebration. Bill and his 3 son’s got to spend some wonderful time out on the water together. They really had a good time and caught several fish, even some larger than average fish too. Arms were tired only after a couple of drifts! What a fantastic group of guys, I can’t say enough good things about them!

Probably one of the best patterns this whole week has been the green hornet (a tungsten beaded midge). It’s one of our local patterns that we created 13 years ago. Scuds behind a apricot san juan worm has done well too. When we were wading we threw the bunny sculpin and caught lots of fish working it off the bottom. Soft hackles and cracklebacks did well also at times.

We stay extremely busy here, on the water guiding and in the store, so I just don’t always have the free time to update our report every day, if there hasn’t been any changes.

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Fishing Report

The water is finally off!!! Grab your waders and fly rod and get down there to enjoy some awesome fishing! You can be catching fish on typical scuds, san juans, and eggs. But you can also try out some sculpin patterns and soft hackles if the hooks aren’t rusted. I’m hoping that since the lake is low an no forecast of rain this week we might have plenty of opportunities. Lets keep our fingers crossed just incase. It’s a beautiful day…waters off…I think i’m gonna head back down there. Hope to see everyone catching fish and having fun. Tight lines…….

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Fishing Report

There has not been a whole lot of change in water levels since the last report. They are still generally running 1-2 generators. The Lake is below pool, so it could be off at any time now.

We have been out everyday with trips and have been doing very well. Wading, we did very well using the tungsten green hornet, and when we were able to get out to the gravel bar, we even stripped some rabbit sculpins, which yielded us a couple of nicer fish, 25″ and a 22″ rainbow. Scuds did well also in size 16, along with the chamois worm. On Joe’s guided trip (he is one of my guides here), they used nothing but a sz 18 wine midge on Saturday.
In the boat we were drifting mostly egg patterns or san juans and dropping an Adams bug, Sowbug scud, or a little olive emerger behind it. Farther down the flash zebra and the prizm red midge worked also. We really didn’t do much changing of flies, as we really never needed too. Weather reports sound really good for this week too.