Fishing Report for June, 2010

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Fishing Report

Quick update
It was a nice surprise this morning that the water was off. Goes to show you never really know what to expect. The hot pattern today is the yellow micro jig. No need to even change. Hope you get to take advantage of it! The schedule is off till 2pm today, then turning on 2 generators. And tommorrow is the same, off till 2 pm.

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Fishing Report

The last couple of days the Corp has started dumping Beaver Lake which flows into Table Rock Lake. Requiring that the Dam here also run. Really not the best news we all would like to hear, at least for wading. How long will it run? well that is the million dollar question. I doubt it will be too long though. Just enough to adjust water levels.
Prior to this they have had the water off every day till somewhere between noon and 3 pm. Giving us lots of wading time.
We’ve been out on guide trips everyday lately. Doing 2 trips a day. And I have to say it has been really good fishing. We’ve waded and have gone out in the boat. I’ve been using pretty much the same flies, whether in the boat or wading. Dark gray or brown scuds have been the trouts top pick. Also the brown beaded midges, and the Adams bug did real well also. Just a reminder……Even in this scorching hot weather, Taneycomo is still a nice and cool 47 degrees!

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Fishing Report

The last few days the water has been running a little more. Right now there is 2 generators going. It wasn’t scheduled to come on till 3 pm today. But prior to that it was off every single day, and not turning on till between noon and 3pm and then only running 1-2 generators. Table Rock is hovering right around pool, which is a good thing!

We have been on the water every single day. Wading when possible and drifting from the boat the other times. Our clients have all landed lots of fish! A couple of very nice ones around the 22″-23″ range also. Fishing is very good right now! With great success, we have been using the lt. yellow micro, tungsten beaded olive scud/midge, scuds in gray, Wd-40’s and when the water was off, also stripping cracklebacks, & south platte brassies.

Nows the time to start planning to come fish on Lake Taneycomo, we are finally back to more normal conditions.
Hope you get to wet your lines soon!
Happy Fathers Day!!

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Fishing Report

Today they are running 2 generators at a low level. Yesterday they had run 2 gen. till 1:00 then they took it down to 1 gen., and the fishing was fantastic. Several guys were fishing cracklebacks/south platte brassies out on the gravel bar. Others did well fishing from the cable down past outlet 1 using #18 scuds, brown san juans, and egg patterns. The fish are still really healthy and fat. Several people have been landing some larger fish. We’ve had guide trips going out daily and they have produced great numbers of fish and making some really happy clients. When you get a chance to get out there today stop by for any possible updates on fly selection or generation…..*Good Luck*

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Taneycomo Trout Report

Well today… surprise!! They have shut the water off. We are in the process of getting our guide trips ready to hit the low water, wading today. I look for it to be a feeding frenzy. No matter what you will cast, the trout will take it! Table Rock is hovering around the summertime pool right now, so we can now start anticipating more low water conditions in the future.
My top picks for today will be soft hackles, cracklebacks, and some midges. I am sure woolly buggers and sculpins stripped off the bottom will do good too, especially on the larger fish. Hope you get to take advantage of it today. Projection is for it to be off till 2pm. Will update later on how we did!