Fishing Report for July, 2010

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Fishing Report

This has been a great week to be able to get out and do some wade fishing. Water has been completely off every morning, turning on sometime between noon and 1 pm, and turning off around 8-9 pm. News we all like to here.

Still doing guide trips everyday. Both wading and in the boat. This week we had several nicer fish landed. A couple of 20″ + browns too. A lot of nice ones that made it almost to the net.

When wading earlier this week we threw sculpins, stripping them fast off the bottom with lots of success. Cracklebacks in Flo green, tungsten brown zebras, mean green midges, and WD-40s in size 20 did very well. Also olive woolly buggers were good at certain times too.

Weather here has still been very warm 90’s mostly. But Taney is still a cool 46!

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Fishing Report

Didn’t realize it had been so long since we posted a fishing report. It has been very busy here. We’ve had 2 trips out almost every single day. The water levels have been staying pretty true to the generation schedule. We have had quite a few days with no generation at least part of the day, for the last 2+ weeks. Even though we had some heavy rains it really didn’t raise the lake a whole lot.

Clients on the wade trips as well as the boat trips have been very successful. Even in the rather hot weather. This week we have a few “hang ups” that actually turned out to be some very nicer sized rainbows. Lots of really good stories this week. We truely appreciate each and every person that hires us to guide them.

One of the top colors this week has been gray. Scuds, sculpins or dry’s. San Juan worms with a small scud behind it did really well at times. When the water was off we stripped woollies, and sculpins off the bottom. Tungsten beaded midges were popular with the fish too. One day we threw griffiths gnats, and cracklebacks with lots of success.

Looking at the calendar, and it sure won’t been long before the rainbows start their late summer/early fall spawn, when your opportunity to hook into a larger rainbow is greatly increased. Then the BIG Browns will follow…..oh that magical time of the year!

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Fishing Report

Water is currently off today. I believe the schedule is to turn on at 2 pm. Wade fishing today was very good. I did notice that the fish are biting rather light, so a quick response on setting the hook was extremely important. Not one particular fly really out did the other. We started with micro bedspread jigs, then switched to south platte brassies in green and black. Later we fished cracklebacks, and rabbit sculpins. Trying to teach my clients how to fish different patterns.
The humidity was very low this morning and it was plain nice. Of course the water temp is still in the forties, so it makes a great place to spend a hot day.