Fishing Report for August, 2010

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Fishing Report

The fishing is still great and only getting better. The water has been running in the morning, but they haven’t been running it very much usually 1 generator or 2 generators at a real low level. Several more bigger fish are being seen as well as caught. We put a client on a 25″x15″ rainbow yesterday…it was a nice healthy fish with beautiful color. We figured it was roughly 7.5lbs, but the fight it gave us we thought it might have been bigger. The past 2 mornings have been nice an cool (for a change); So, the weather has been cooperating, generation has been somewhat cooperating (enough to get some great fishing in), and the spawning season is quickly coming…rainbows are really starting the spawning run now, but with regards to the coveted brown trout the will be starting in the next 2-3 weeks likely. Also to boost a little moral the fishing pressure hasn’t been bad either…not a whole lot of people down fishing other than on the weekends. The fly selection hasn’t changed a whole lot from last week, but when the water is low definately throw a sculpin/soft hackle and when the water is higher concentreate mostly on your nymph fishing down on the bottom. Don’t be one of the people missing out….Get Out an go catch some fish worth while! Good Luck and don’t forget to stop in to get daily advice or to fill up on the local fly patterns!

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Fishing Report

The fishing has been amazing you can definately tell the fish are gearing up for the spawn. The generation has been low just about everyday till sometime between 12-2pm. When they turn on 2 generators at a real low level. We have been seeing some larger fish, and had a 25″ brown hooked but broke off on 7x. Lots more bigger rainbows showing up too. We have been throwing sculpins, scuds, ice shrimp, san juans, and tungsten midges. The weather looks like more heat in the forecast, so i would suggest fishing the mornings, but anytime of the day is good for fishing!! Good Luck!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Fishing Report

Water generation has still been very consistant with the projection. We have had a lot of days this last week with little or no generation, giving us much more wading time. Fishing has been pretty good overall. During the day with the bright sun conditions, if you size down to smaller flies and lighter tippets and fish shallower water or seams the bites will pick up for you. Also I always recommend fluorocarbon tippet.

The flies that have been working for us the best are:
Scuds: in small 16-20’s grey or brown

WD-40’s in olive or grey

For those who like to strip and not use a indicator try:
soft hackles in olive and brown
south platte brassies in copper or green

For streamer fans : Try stripping sculpins off the bottom, but be sure to use 4X tippet

For those wanting to fish some dries the beetles are good and also the grasshoppers with or without a dropper.

Almost on all of the guided trips here lately, we have been getting at least one good twenty inch plus fish. The other day I had some of my favorite clients out in the boat, a couple of young guys Tanner and Nicholas. They were catching some nice fish. Great Kids to fish with, almost never a break off and really well behaved boys. Always look forward to taking them fishing. Caught a bunch of fish too. Tanner had caught a nice 17″ fish with us last time for his big catch of the day. We have his picture on the big fish board in the store. So I think this time Nicholas was trying to top that one or just get on the board and did he ever. He hooked and landed a 21 1/2″ rainbow that was just beautiful. I think I heard him say that was the biggest trout he has ever caught. He handled the fly rod great. Did a perfect job letting the fish run when it wanted to and taking up line to keep the slack out. We had some great scenery that day also. We had two bald eagles and a golden eagle watching the boys catch fish. The boys had several double hook ups and I don’t think we broke off a fly.


Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Fishing Report

So glad we have been able to experience off water conditions everyday till at least noon or so. The water levels have been pretty consistant with the projections.

On our wade trips we have been throwing several different patterns. We have had lots of success with a gray sculpin. Stripping it off the bottom rather fast. That pattern has landed 3 fish over the 20″ mark, one being a brown. We have also been using a ginger south platte brassie, of course gray scuds have been at the top of the go to list. Red or Orange san juans produced several fish especially with an olive wd-40 midge, or gray scud dropped behind it. Soft hackles have been doing well also. Zebras in black or rust have been working for several fish too.