Fishing Report for September, 2010

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Fishing Report

There really has been a whole lot more bigger fish moving in, and the numbers have become much more consistant. You need to really need to plan some time to get here and if fish if you haven’t already. It will only get better!

Water generation has been off mostly during the day, with the exception of today which 1 generator is to run most of the day.

Production patterns have been:
Brown Woolly buggers
Scuds– brown or tan
sculpins (we are currently nonstop tying these & still can’t keep up)

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Fishing Report

Well just got back from my wading trip and the largest of the fish landed were: 21″ & 22″ Rainbows and a 25″ brown. The bigger ones are most definitely moving up towards the Dam. Rainbows were landed on a sculpin and the brown was on a san juan scud combo.

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Fishing Report

Boy what a difference a few days make. I have been seeing so many more browns moving up. We had the opportunity to hook a really large brown the other day, but the client set the hook just too soon out of the excitement of seeing it. Yesterday we were out in the boat fishing, since 2 – 4 generators ran all day. Monday they didn’t run water until 2pm and turned on 2 generators. So generation has been sporatic, but generally not all day and night. Table Rock Lake is sitting in a good position right now, unlike the last two years when we had flooding to contend with.

Sculpins and scuds are still the top producers. Even with the water off there has not been alot of dry fly action.

Todays trip is wading since the water is to be off till 2pm. Hopefully we will have more stories.

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Fishing Report

Really was a great weekend for fishing. I think it is still summer though, it got a bit warm out in the boat Sat, and Sunday… 92 -94 degrees. Water was off more than on, Saturday it didn’t turn on til around 2 pm and ran for a few hours, which was earlier than projected. Sunday it ran for about an hour or so in the afternoon.

Rainbows are definitely spawning and moving up. Some nice sized browns have been spotted in the outlet areas too. So it is upon us. The very best time of the year for trout fishing.

We threw our Taneycomo sculpin, stripping it off the bottom, using 4x tippet. Soft hackles and cracklebacks did good too, but you really needed to switch off colors more frequently. Our tungsten beaded midge did well along with a Wd -40. Larger Scuds were very productive too in sowbug or dk gray.

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Fishing Report

Had another wonderful day of fly fishing yesterday. I had out a couple of great guys and good friends in the boat, Dr. Burke and John. We had been out on Saturday (11th), and we were to go out Tuesday. too, but with the rain and lightening we had to put it off till Weds. Now Dr. Burke who flies in from Oregon on a regular basis to just go fish, is probably one of the more experienced fly fishers I get to take out. He used to guide in white water conditions out of a drift boat out west, (when he wasn’t doctoring). And John, a family friend of Dr. Burke went with us too on both days. John has been out with us lots of times also, and he just got back from an Alaska trip with his dad and they brought us in some fresh silver salmon. Let me tell you it was fantastic! Nothing like it.

The two of them boated well over 90 fish on Saturday and again on Wednesday. Not bad for 4 hours each day! We landed only rainbows though mostly 18″-19″. We did see a few nice browns the first day, and the second time out we saw a few more. The rainbows were really full like them may be filled with eggs, just not quite ready too spawn.

We used mostly the scud and san juan worm combo. It really worked well.

Glad to have taken them out and plans are to do the same in a month of so.
Thanks for a great time guys! Had fun.


Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Fishing Report

This weeks fishing has been really great. The wade fishers have had to contend with some water generation. Probably due to the heavy rains we got the last week and a half. The generation has been somewhat different, like yesterday they started with 2 generators and then shut off in the afternoon. Today more than likely may be the same.

Size of the fish are increasing getting larger too. Over the last few days there has been 10-12 rainbows landed over the 20″ mark, and yesterday their was a 21″ & 24″ brown landed and released. Still no one has topped the 27 incher (rainbow) from the week before. Rainbows have started their spawn, but I am still seeing many larger fish down stream that haven’t moved up yet.

Today we have 2 boat trips. One in the morning and one this afternoon. We have had several beginner/teaching trips also lately, its a great way to get an introduction into fly fishing and catch some great fish doing it. Some of the most productive patterns have been the rabbit sculpin, Beaded midges, Adams bug, black woollies, and Wd-40’s. Of course scuds in gray or tan fished as a dropper behind a san juan or puff ball will almost always produce fish.

Weather has been a plus the last few days too, even when it was raining the fish were hitting almost anything. Seems to be a very busy and good week ahead.