Fishing Report for October, 2010

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Fishing Report

This morning our final decision was to go out in the Boat. Around 8 am it was up to 705, of course they shut it off shortly after that, but not for very long. While we were out they blew the horns twice. There was a lot of water level variance today. So going out in the boat was a much better idea.

Dennis & Ken went out again today, they also went out with me yesterday. We had quite a bit of wind again today, which can be not the best of conditions for casting or for seeing the fish in the water. Today was also cooler but still overall not bad. Almost all the fish hooked today were quality fish. Midges and Scuds did the best for us. On our last drift, using 6x tippet with a possum scud, Ken hooked a 23″ long brown with a 14″ girth. A really nice fish!


Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Fishing Report

Today I had 2 trips. The first in the morning with Mike and Ted. Water was off and we stripped streamers the whole time we were out. They hooked several really nice fish but just didn’t land any extremely large fish. We really were concentrating on fishing patterns that didn’t require an indicator.

This afternoons trip was with Connor who is 10 and his Dad Steve. Connor is becoming quite the accomplished fly fisher. This was his second trip with me in just a few weeks. We also started out stripping streamers. Later we put on a nymph rig: it included a size 18 sowscud color scud dropping a brown scud behind it. This set up produced his biggest catch of the day, a 21″ rainbow, and Connor handled it like a pro! Nice Fish!


Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Fishing Report

My trip I had on Thursday was a waded trip with Matt. Matt and Bruce have been out with me several times before. Todays goal was mostly to hunt for the larger fish. Quality instead of quantity! When we first got out there, no water was running, but around 8:30am they turned on 2 generators. Of course that comes with it. Water generation has been sporatic still, not very close to their projection lately either.

We first started out stripping streamer patterns. That produced one heck of a larger rainbow that the hook got set on it just a little too early. It was every bit of 29″! It is so easy to do that when you can see the fish stalking the fly at a very fast pace, and when it makes that hard lunge, letting them eat the fly before you set the hook. After that we decided to go look for browns. Which I have to say we saw a whole lot more browns than even the day before. There seems to be more and more good browns showing up each day.
Matt hooked several bigger browns and finessed in 2 really nice browns. Heres a sampling of Matt’s Day…………….


Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Fishing Report

There has still has not been a whole lot of changes requiring new updates. Although if you have been following the water generation schedule, it hasn’t been even close. Although they have not been running everyday, it is still hit or miss.

Several nice fish have been caught lately, a few browns around 23″ or so, but they have been caught mostly in the spillways. I have not seen a huge number of the BIG browns yet, I am sure there will be more to come. We have hooked into several nicer rainbows, but there is still not a constant consistancy that we are used to from years prior, of course excluding 08′ & 09′. (The super high water) A lot of people have been night fishing too. Doing pretty good too, just not any huge fish.

Top fly picks have been:

Sculpins — (must use 4X tippet or heavier)
Scuds in brown or gray, tan in the middle of the day Size 18’s & 16’s and at night 14’s & 12’s
San Juan worms have been very popular — red or brown
Chamois worm
WD-4o midges
Adam’s bug
Ice shrimp (if you can get Adam to tie them)
soft hackles

The weather has been fantastic!! in the 70’s and the fall colors are being to be beautiful!

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Fishing Report

Not a whole lot of changes except for there are many more larger fish being hooked. Water has been running for the last few days. Mostly 1-2 generators. Heard they will continue this till Table Rock drops below 916. Which isn’t far to go. We will see!
Been on the water everyday, all day. Hooking plenty of fish too.
San Juan’s, puff balls, scuds and sculpins are still the most productive patterns.