Fishing Report for November, 2010

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Fishing Report

I guess it has been a while since I last posted a report. Up until this last week I was still on the water most everyday. The guide trips I had out this past Friday, Sat. Sun. & Monday, we definitely caught a serious amount of fish each day. Friday’s trip was wading and the other days we were out in the boat. The wading trip on Friday was with 3 young guys. One hooked and lost a 22″ rainbow. The youngest lost about a 23″ brown, but all together they landed at least 60 fish.

On Saturday it was an all day boat trip. They hooked fish all day long. I don’t think we ever had a slow lull during the whole day. The biggest fish Sat. was a 20″ rainbow. We basically used the same flies all day long.

On Sunday we spent 4 hours in the boat, and was almost a repeat of Saturday. Same flies and lots of hits. It did get a little rough when the wind picked up to about 30-40 miles an hour.

On Monday it was with one of my regulars Richard from Texas– a great guy to fish with–
We caught a bunch of fish, but the fish seemed to be smaller in size. Right after we put the boat in the water it started to rain. And it was a very cold rain on top of it. Did get a chance to watch the Eagles, which is always an awesome sight to see.

Forgot to mention, the water has been running 2-4 generators everyday for the last week plus.


Thursday, November 11th, 2010

As you realize this is not a fishing report, But this is by far one of the top deer taken from this area, that I have ever seen. Mitch shot this deer yesterday with his Mathews DXT that he bought from me. It is so impressive, I just wanted to share it.


Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Top Fish of the Day

Had a couple of trips out again today. This is a picture of our biggest catch of the day. A nice 24″ rainbow with a 15″ girth. Don hooked this one during the afternoon trip. We were concentrating on working on casting and stripping mostly today. But after missing some fish I put on a scud and on the first drift she hit it. After a short battle, I was able to net her to get our photo op!

This mornings trip was with Caleb who had already gone out with me earlier this week, and due to a cancellation we were able to go out again. We hooked some very nice fish, the largest one was 21″. We lost a couple larger ones, not due to operator either. Not too bad considering they were running water most of the morning, shutting off around 11 am and then they were off the rest of the afternoon.

I am still seeing some very nice fish while wading up here at the Dam, and also when we are out in the boat. Nothing excessively huge, but still very impressive.