Fishing Report for March, 2011

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Fishing Report

Yes, the “Dam” phone number is still not working. Generators have been running a little in the morning, generally off at 9 am – 10 am, then coming on about 6 pm, or so. The water has been off more than on lately. Dissolved Oxygen levels were way up in the 90% range this morning, which is really good for very healthy and lively feeding fish.

Still catching lots and lots of fish. Today it was definitely cooler out, but at least the wind wasn’t blowing super hard like yesterday. Last 2 days we have caught nicer fish 16″ – 19″ averages, and lots of them. Sure is nice to be getting lots of wading time.

Hot patterns are; olive tungsten beaded midge’s, black and silver zebra’s, black or olive woolly buggers, Ice shrimp, and Adams bug’s.

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Fishing Report

Fishing has still been going great. Catching lots of fish out on our guide trips. We have been doing both wading and boat trips everyday. In the boat, drifting with the water on we have landed some real nice fish, 1-20″ and 1-21″ rainbows, at the time after hooking the 21 ” rainbow , we sure thought it was much longer, the girth on it was very large. We are still landing quite a few in the 17″-19″ range.

We have been using a Scud pattern (skeleton scud) and ice shrimp, brown zebra midge, and our regular scuds in gray & brown. Each day there has been a little difference in patterns.
Up at the dam wading, we are having great success with Adam’s bug, ice shrimp, WD-40’s, and small scuds. Up towards the cable the micro jigs were doing good too. Down stream farther the “mean green” was doing well along with the brown zebra midge.

I have seen two big browns up in the trophy area this week. One looked in the 10-12 lb range and the other looked aroung 6-7lb.

The weather should be fantastic today. 80 I believe.

The number for the Dam is still not working. But yesterday they turned it off the generators at 9 am and it was off all day. Generally is has been either off or running 1 generator.

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Fishing Report

We are getting some really nice weather today and even nicer tomm. and Friday. Along with the nice weather they have not been running water after 9am at all the last 2 days.

I know we have had a ton of calls regarding the phone number that tells you whats being generated and the lake levels, well it has not been working for the last 6 days or so. So if it just rings and rings you know why now.

Fishing has been very good lately. Chuck’s Saturday trip hooked over 100 fish I was told in 4 hours. He has been out everyday all day. We are keeping him hopping. We’ve had the pleasure of taking out more and more kids lately too. I get such a kick out of there excitement when they come back in from there trip. Telling us about all the fish they caught.

Yesterday and this morning, the hot patterns were the rusty midge with a WD-40 behind it. This afternoons trip is out with Chuck currently. But in the prior days the Adams bug with an ice shrimp behind it was the ticket I was told. Of course Adam’s “ice shrimp” (a pattern he has created over a great deal of time) have been going fast, so in case you come in and they’re gone, you will have to sometimes sweet talk him into tying more.
Scuds have been doing well by the outlets in gray or brown, and micro jigs in white or olive have been working also. Make sure to use light tippet, 6x is fine, but if you stop getting hits you might want to switch to 7x and you’ll see the difference. Stop in the store to get all the latest.

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Fishing Report

Fishing on Lake Taneycomo for trout has been excellent. It has been so amazing! We have been getting strikes on nearly every cast at times…an that is no exaggeration by any means. Of course we are talking about great numbers this past week, but we have started seeing some big rainbows showing up for the spawn…especially the past few days. I just got back and I saw at least 5-6 rainbows 24″ an better, but I’ve heard from other guys that there have seen some close to 20 lbs. Another great thing to mention is that the weather has been great as well as generation levels have been low. Early mornings they have been running water but it’s been shutting off between 8-10am with the rest of the day being 0 generators. There haven’t been tons of people down fishing either so plenty of spots to fish…I think the busiest day was sunday, but my friend Dave an I still had plenty of places to move to an fish all day. I’ve heard of a lot of guys fishing woolly buggers in black or white…I’ve been doing the best throwing the lead eye gray sculpin as far as streamers go. The scuds I’ve been fishing have mostly been #18-#22s in possum brown, gray, as well as tan, but the best thing so far has been an Ice Shrimp with an Adam’s Bug or a WD-40 about a foot-foot an a half below the Ice Shrimp. I have been using that rig for the past few days an it has been ridiculous!!! If you don’t want to fish anything else you won’t have to that’s for sure. The only thing to keep in mind is the past few days if they stopped biting it I simply switched to the Rio fluorocarbon in 7x an it seemed to turn em right back on.

I hope everyone gets the chance to get out an enjoy this great fishing!…Make sure an stop by for any equipment you might need for your next trip on the water, or just come in for an even fresher fishing report or maybe just stop to share a fish story or 2.

Now…For those who enjoy fishing Table Rock… Its time to get out the 8wts. I went out Sunday with Keith Greenough (one of the local bass guides) in his boat. Trying out the new “hot” float n fly. Had a great time. see the smallmouth picture below!