Fishing Report for May, 2011

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Fishing Report

Water levels have really dropped quite a bit. Taneycomo is at 712 which is up about 1 foot from just all 4 generators running. I believe 5 gate are still open, but not very far. They started on Saturday gradually slowing up the flow.
Boat fishing has been very good too. Just need a little extra weight and slightly longer leader, or use a sinking leader.

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011


Well now all 10 gates are opened. About 53,000 – 54,000 cfs is being released. Houses on Lake Taneycomo are flooded again ( same ones as before) and I’m sure the Landing has more than its share of water too. Got a big rain again last night. The high water problem is effecting the whole White River system. I could post new pictures, but if virtually looks almost exactly the same as the pictures posted on April 27.
If you want a great alternative, Bass fishing on Table Rock is terrific!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Fishing Report

Well, we just can’t escape the high water, its back again. Yesterday they had to re open the floods gates–5 of them. Today the output is to hit 50,000 cfs. Two weeks ago it was 68,000 cfs at it highest output. Lakes are all full right now and we just keep getting the rains. I guess the water has already hit the parking lots and bathrooms by outlets 1 & 2.
Weather wise it sounds like we will have some really good weather this holiday weekend. I even believe I heard “no rain”.
Give us a shout if you need current info.

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Fishing Report

I have been super busy this week guiding, some days 2 trips a day so I haven’t had much time to update this report. I am posting a few pictures so you can get a sampling of some great fish being caught.

Table Rock is sitting at 927.4, and Taneycomo is still running 4 gen.’s at 710.0. I have been getting so many calls about the water, and a lot of people have the impression that there is no fishing, but that is so not true. In fact lots of bigger than average fish are being caught, along with small mouth, white bass, crappie, and a few walleyes just below the Dam. The high water has receded, and did so when 5 of the 10 floods gates closed, and all of the gates are still closed at this time. The level is just like a normal 3-4 generators.

The picture just below was from Sat. morning. Pastor John, Tom, & Jack went out in the boat, and it was definately a cool start. They all caught lots of fish, most of which were larger than avg. size. The picture is one that Pastor Landed, nice fish!! click on any of the pictures to make it bigger.


Took out Chris & Christine and here is a picture of the 1st fish he ever caught on a fly rod!


Here is another sampling of a nice fish caught on a guide trip, but he lost a really big fish when it was running just before this one. Another nice one!


Friday, May 20th, 2011

Nice fish caught on 5-17-2011


click on picture to make larger

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Fishing Report

Taneycomo is a lot lower this morning at 708, with 4 generators running. The gates are also still closed. They (5 flood gates) were closed Weds. for what we heard was some work, but with all the high water down stream, there is a possibility they could remain shut. I don’t think the Corp knows yet either. Another FYI, the road over the Dam is still closed.

I’ve been out in the boat on guides trips a couple of times this week. There is for sure more obstacles out on Taneycomo, but overall fishing has been really good. Thought we might see some walleyes, but the water temp. was just too cool. There is some small mouth, kentucky’s and white bass being caught on Taney. We have actually landed some nice browns this week, and lost a really big fish earlier this week. It was mistaken for a log! We have been using the same patterns, just adding more weight.

Since the flood gates closed fishing has been even better than when they were on, so hopefully you can get an opportuntity to get in some fishing time.

Monday, May 2nd, 2011


Yesterday afternoon the Corp closed half of the gates, leaving only 5 open. Table Rock is setting at 930.2. (Pool is 915) Right now Taneycomo is 713.3. Which is only a couple of feet higher than when they run 4 generators. Last time when it was like this, we were catching limits of walleye & smallies by the dam.
The road over the Dam will be closed starting Tuesday for a couple of weeks so they can repair the area of the mud slide.