Fishing Report for August, 2011

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Fishing Report

We have still been staying very busy lately on the water, not leaving much time to update the fishing reports. But Good news is there has been no generation till around noon or so everyday, and this has been a very consistant pattern, creating lots of wading time.
When the water is off small nymphs, 18, 20, & 22 under an indicator has been extremely poplular. Soft hackles & cracklebacks if you want to strip. Early in the morning, some dries have been working good too. There has been some very nice fish moving up. In the boat we are seeing larger fish down stream and they are starting to head up towards the Dam. Shouldn’t be long before the rainbows start their spawn.

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Fishing Report

The last 4 days, in the mornings, there has been no water generation at all. Something most fly fishers love to see. Wade fishing had been a distant memory, but Table Rock Lake is at 916.7, just below summertime pool of 917, meaning we actually might get to experience some more low water days, on a consistant schedule.

I have been on the water guiding everyday, with the exception of last Saturday of course going out earlier than normal because of the heat. I have been taking clients out in the boat drifting and doing some wade trips. Fishing for us has been very consistant. Catching nice numbers and sizes. We hooked several rainbow trout this last week, that were 19″-23″. I know I have said it before but the girths on these fish are very large. At least on 3 days last week, it didn’t even matter what color or size fly you where throwing, they would hit it hard, almost every cast. Now yesterday I notice the fish weren’t hitting it as hard, just a little peck, which made it real important to watch the fly in the water. Even took out a bass trip one day last week and my client hooked a 19″ smallmouth! That was awesome!

I really think the only obstacle we have had lately is the heat. Afternoons have been very warm, but mornings haven’t been bad on on the cool water. Taneycomo is still in the 50’s.

Just a reminder if your planning a brown run trip in September or October, and want to book a trip with us, you need to be booking soon, we are starting to fill up.

Hot patterns have been:
San Juan worms in peach or red
Mean green tungsten midge
Micro jigs
cracklebacks *
griffiths gnats *
Olive woollybuggers *
Black south platte brassie *
* when water is off