Fishing Report for September, 2011

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Fishing Report

OMG! Check out todays guide trip! Took out Matt and his Dad Bruce this morning. We had 5 fish over 23″ hooked, 2 break offs, and 2 long distance releases, then landed this 25 1/2′ brut! On 6X tippet none the less.
The bigger browns are definitely showing up.


Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Fishing Report

Looking for some end of summer fishing? Lake Taneycomo might be where you want to be this Labor Day Weekend. Lake levels are down, they are running no water in the mornings or later evenings, and we have been seeing some rather larger than normal fish also. Last Sunday while guiding a couple of guys with the Healing Waters project, we were casting to an every bit of 20 lb brown. With all the excitement of seeing an unbelieveable huge fish, we didn’t quite seal the deal, but it was still great getting to see that large of a fish.

We have been using a variety of flies. First thing in the mornings we have been throwing some drys. Black ants, dry midge, griffiths gnat, and even a grasshopper. Micro grubs or scuds under an indicator, along with zebra midges, and cracklebacks. We have also been throwing streamers, woolly buggers, in olive or black, and the rabbit sculpin, when concentrating on larger fish.

When I was out yesterday, wading just below the dam, I saw a walleye, and another gentleman told me he had caught 2 crappie and a smallmouth. Guess we are having another one of those fishing times, when who knows what you could land!

The actual generation has been off till about 1pm or so,( today it isn’t suppose to turn on till 3pm), running 1-2 generators till about 7 or 8 pm. Making night fishing a great possibility too. Yesterday they did turn on 1 generator around 9:30 am, and a second one a little later, but I think whatever was in the water at that time, (hydrolic oil) from the dam area was being flushed down stream. It was a minor event and should not effect the fishing at all.