Fishing Report for October, 2011

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Fishing Report

The last 4 days, including today, water has been running. Generally 2-4 generators, which means wading out very far would be impossible. The reports were that they were to be working on the dam on the lower end of Taneycomo, and putting in boulders up here at the Table Rock dam, and would have the water off for a while. But so far that hasn’t happened yet.

We are still catching lots of fish. Still using ice shrimp #18, Adams bug #18, Scuds #18/16, San juan worms, & sculpins.

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Fishing Report

I have been super busy lately… guiding everyday.. so I haven’t kept the fishing reports updated like I wish I could. Happy to say though, over all fishing has been very good. Hooking into some really nice larger fish, maybe not always landing all of them, but catching a fair share thats for sure.

Water generation, has been somewhat sporatic. We have experienced quite a bit of no generation though, making it great for all the wade fishers. The word was that it was suppose to stay off most of this week due to fixes need on the Dam at the other end of Taneycomo, and for them to plant the rock piles below this dam for habitat. But they blew one horn around 7am this morning, and another one at 8am. (2 total running now). So instead of wade fishing this morning which was the original plan with the 3 guys from Oklahoma , we opted for the boat, which is really much better when 2 gen.’s are running.

When in the boat drifting we have been using San Juan worms, Scuds,& egg patterns, also one morning we were throwing nothing but a larger dry fly. Beaded midges have been fairing well too. When wading we have been bouncing a heavy sculpin off the rocks, sight fishing for the larger ones. Zebra midges did well too, along with prismatics, and small scuds. Now for everyone wondering what Adam has been using on his guide trips (and I have had several people stop me on the water and ask) He is using 2 of his own patterns that he has created. Ice Shrimp and an Adam’s bug. Both patterns are available in our shop, sometimes limited though. It is his own personal blend, and trust me it can’t be nocked off.

Bigger fish are here, so hope you get a chance to come and fish before the run is over.

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011


Check out the biggest fish landed Sept 27, by Bruce Omans while on a guide trip on a Sculpin!


Monday, October 10th, 2011

Fishing Report

Fishing has been absolutely amazing…for your sake I hope your not missing out! We have had guide trips out everyday and have had produced great numbers of fish as well as every person has at least hooked a fish over 20″! The past 4 days we have even been able to say that each person my father and I have taken out has had opportunities at 3 or more 20″+ fish each day! I’d just like to say thanks to Jack, Jim, Glen, Danny, and Ryan for really fishing hard an showing us just as much fun as we showed them…great guys to fish with see ya next time!
-Water generation has been off every morning but it has varied as to when they turn on….usually 2 generators turn on between 2 and 4 and turning off right before dark or a little aftewards.
-The best flies have been #16/#18 possum brown, sowbug, or tan scuds…#12/#14 brown San Juan worms…#12/#16 Peach/tri-color egg patterns…#18/#20 Adam’s bug….the deadly “ICE Shrimp” #18!!!!!..If you don’t want to fish a nymph try a gray lead eye sculpin in the shallows on 4x fluorocarbon tippet.

There was also a 33″ rainbow caught 2 days ago down by the was HUGE. I have seen some real quality browns, but I do believe those big females are gonna be running a little later this year…keep in mind that it can be any day now!!! Hopefully we will all meet down there on the water real soon! Good luck everyone…Stop by the shop for up to date spawn report or just come say hello an check out all the new photos! Tight lines…