Fishing Report for November, 2011

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Fishing Report

The water finally shut off today!!!…It’s been running between 1-3 generators everyday, but it’s always running at a 2 level (about 704-705). Which has been very fishable! I just got back since the water was shut down I had to make a research and development escape from the shop….and boy am I glad I did the fishing was amazing! There have been a bunch of small fish lately, but the past couple days we’ve been hooking some better fish again…rainbows and browns. I have still seen some nicer fish as well…nothing huge but fish over 20″ for sure. Today I caught fish mainly on the Ice Shrimp/adam’s bug dropper…I did throw a sculpin an caught some nice fish. Another great reason to fish is that the huge crowds from the spawning run have died out. There are generally spots to fish just about anywhere someone wants to fish….where even a couple weeks ago you couldn’t even get close to certain hot spots. I have heard a couple guys are still doing well throwing a few dry flies like a yellow humpy or a big ugly! I’ve tried it recently an it is working…plus a bunch of fun as well as the chance to break away from fishing the typical strike indicator. The weather is supposed to stay high 50s low 60s for rest of the week so I hope everyone gets the chance to get out an try their hand at catching some nice trout! Tight lines everyone!