Fishing Report for April, 2012

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Fishing Report

Yesterday and today, the dam has been running 1 fluctuating generator. I have to say yesterday the wind was really brutal out there. Taneycomo had actual white caps! By the time we got done yesterday, the trolling motor had barely any juice left. Not to mention the minor thunder that popped up.

It wasn’t the best of conditions but we still had a good time with both boats we had out. Caught a lot of fish through out the day and finished the day off with a really nice 19″er!

Thursday I spent the morning with Mike on Table Rock to do some bass fishing. It was a really successful trip. He landed 13 -14 fish, and lost a few. We had Trout fished earlier in the week and decided to give the bass a try.

We have had lot of people coming in our store that didn’t realize that we have a NO FELT boot regulation now, so I will keep mentioning it time to time.

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Fishing Report

The water has been off during the day every day this week so far. (Mon- Wed). Giving wade fishers lots of great opportunities up by the Dam in the trophy section.

Monday it was really outrageous. Simply a fantastic day for huge numbers! Mike, one of our regular customers went out on an all day guided fly fishing boat trip with me. It was cool to start with in the morning, but really got nice in the afternoon. The trout were biting like crazy all through out the day. The longest period of time you had to wait between bites was 4 minutes top! I think we used the same 2 flies all day long.

Tuesdays trip was actually out on Table Rock. The folks I had out usually just fish for Trout on Taneycomo, but wanted to give bass fishing a try. We hooked several small mouths & kentucky’s. The largest one was an 18″ inch small mouth. With the water being so brown, the fish are still staying up in the shallows. Its fun to diversify once in a while.

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Fishing Report

The Dam has been generating 2 – 4 generators everyday lately. Now Table Rock is getting down near pool so we should be seeing some no generation days very soon.

Drifting in the boat has been pretty good, fish up to 22″, some small browns included. Most of our guided trips have been in the boat, it really is more productive than standing on the bank with the water running. Most of the fish are hitting on san juan worms, scuds, egg patterns, and streamers. A couple of other midges that we have here at the shop have really been doing very well also, especially up by the outlet areas, in addition to scuds.

I have also been doing some bass fishing lately too on Table Rock. The fish up there have been biting really well up in the shallows, in 4–10 feet of water.

FYI…….. Hope you all have your NON FELT boots by now, the game warden has been up here checking them.