Fishing Report for May, 2012

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Fishing Report

Fishing sure has been insane, or should I call it catching. The last 5 days water has been off most of the day with the exception of an hour or 2. Today is the first day they are running a low 1 all day. So we have been getting in some great wading time. If you weren’t hooking lots of fish the last few days, you really had a flaw in your system. I know it is easy to try and skip a step, maybe you don’t want to pay a little more for fluourcarbon tippet, get a different size weight, etc. But I can’t stress enough all the steps are important. When you stop in the store we are here to help you be successful, that is our goal, thats part of our passion. Not to sell stuff that isn’t working. That’s why we believe that the flies tied here do have an edge over ones tied overseas by someone who has no idea about trout fishing here.

Last weekend the one of the hot patterns was the John Deer. Also small woolly buggers, craclebacks, soft hackles, flash zebra, and of course scuds. It has been consistant everyday with the same patterns too, no real changes.

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Fishing Report

Well the big holiday weekend is upon us. And you couldn’t ask for better weather and fishing conditions. Table Rock Lake is under pool, which means the dam won’t run a whole lot. Yesterday the water was off till noon although the projection stated 1pm. But it still gave everyone lots of wading time. Prior to this the dam ran 1 generator or so, which makes it still wadeable.
Been staying really busy with guide trips. We have been doing so great too. We have landed a couple of rainbows that were 20 inches. And we are hooking lots of fish. If you are not catching lots of fish there really has to be a flaw in your system. The fish are very leader/tippet shy too lately. We fished a flash zebra midge almost all morning yesterday. It was a little pattern I found out at a fly shop in AZ. a few years ago, and it works great, although I tie it in a 18. They used a 22. Also Soft hackles, cracklebacks, and woolly buggers lare doing well too, especially if you are wading.
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Remember…..NO FELT SOLES anymore!!!

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Fishing Report

Fishing has been really good. I have had clients out nearly everyday the past 2 weeks. An effective tip I will pass along is that we have had to down size to smaller flies to keep the consistant bites going. For those who like to strip flies, woolie buggers and soft hackles have been doing very well. The flash midge, red tungsten, and adams bug are some good choices also. On scuds it has been gray or brown consistantly for the last couple of weeks, and something thats a rather odd “hot fly” has been a shrimp color san juan worm. If your planning on fishing from the shore line or wading when water is off, you really need to use lighter tippet, 6X or even 7X at times.

Water generation has been hard to figure out. They haven’t followed their schedule at all the last 2 days. It would be off then 1 generator on, then it would drop, then come back up. Very odd!

Coming soon……..Archery Adventure! more details later!