Fishing Updates

Sure doesn’t seem like summer should be coming to an end, but on the flip side, we are starting to see the beginnings of what some people dream about all year long, and thats the brown run!

I am starting to see bigger fish starting their journey up towards the Dam. Stopping off in areas down stream. I have a feeling we may see things happening a little early this year.

Yesterday Richard and Darlene from Texas were out with me in the boat. I always enjoy them, they are great people. Even though they really know what their doing, we really had to work for each fish yesterday. Every once in a while I guess we have to have a slower day. I know everyone coming in the store was agreeing. Even though its a littler harder to use, 7X has been necessary. Just lighten up your drag! We have been throwing our Sculpins with good success especially when you can sight fish. Scuds are still doing well, but mostly by the outlets. Our newly introduced “crystal ice soft hackle” has been doing great too. Chamois worms have been doing well, as cracklebacks. Micro jigs are doing good too, but the color has been changing frequently. White, Black, or bedspread.

Water generation has been off in the mornings and coming on sometime in the afternoon.

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