Fishing Report for September, 2012

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Fishing Report

Water conditions for the last 2 weeks: water generation has been off most of the time with maybe 1-2 running and hour or 2 in the afternoon, with only a couple of days with it running 1 generator most of the day, but the maximum it came up was 2 feet, so it has been very fishable almost all of the time. Weather has been a little cooler also, mostly in the middle to upper 70’s.

On Tuesday, Bruce Oman went out with me on a waded guide trip. He landed a really nice 7.5# -8# rainbow on a size 16 scud, but in the afternoon he lost a really nice sized brown. Lots of good effort though!

Wednesdays trip was great too, Terry caught lots of fish. In fact he had so much fun he bought a really great St. Croix rod and Lamson reel.

Yesterday Bruce went out with me again on another guide trip. We waded from the Dam to the boat ramp and back. In a hunt for the biggers ones. Just as we were quitting yesterday we saw a really large brown, but they started up a generator and the fish left. I was starting to see some reds for the rainbows too.

Saw a few nice browns, just not seeing huge numbers of the bigger ones yet, but there are some scattered smaller browns in some sections. In the lower end of the trophy section there are definitely larger numbers of browns.

Anytime now the big ones should be starting to move. I suppose it will be like every year, overnight they will just show up.

If you want to book a trip with us this October do so soon as we only have a few times available.

Hot Fly patterns are:
Egg patterns
Scuds size 22 thru 16.
soft hackles

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Fishing Report–Browns!

I just wanted to update everyone about the browns!
This mornings trip was out in the boat. The first part of the morning we caught nothing but browns. We saw 3 really nice sized fish too. It is definitely going to be a little earlier this year, than in the past.

There sure was a lot of scum on top of the water all the way from Cooper Creek Dock all the way up to Pointe Royal. Some places you couldn’t get a fly through. Hopefully they will run some water soon.

There sure was a lot of people fishing this past weekend, and from what I was hearing from all the folks who had been in earlier buying flies, if you weren’t hooking lots of fish, you weren’t paying attention!

On this mornings trip, we were doing very well on dry flies for quite a while, Then we switched over to midges, and grass hoppers.