Fishing Report

Fishing has been extremely good lately. No fishing pressure at all either. Generation has been off for the most part except for today and yesterday, they have been running a fluctuating 1 unit. There has not been any exceptional changes the last month. Table Rock is sitting at 905.1. We have had some cold days where ice off paste and hand warmers were a must! But the trout don’t seem to mind it a bit.

I went out yesterday and did some wading on my own with a friend. I caught them on midges and super small scuds under an indicator and did some streamer stripping. I manage to catch a 9″ crappie while stripping a woolly too. “never know what you’ll catch”. My friend that was with me was breaking in his Christmas present, a new Echo Rod, and on his first cast he hooked and landed a nice brown…. doesn’t get any better than that!

The Echo rods have been a huge hit and are a fantastic casting rod. Several people who have bought 1 have come back and purchased more, they are so happy with their performance.

The water has cleared up immensely since the lake has finished turning over.

It’s time to start gearing up for the white bass soon, it should be just around the corner. We have been tying up some new and improved patterns, just waiting to try them out!

We also have new in stock—–a great selection of Korker wading boots. They have been selling very well. Still a few folks showing up not realizing that you can not have felt any more.

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