Fishing Report

Our website is back up and running again. A few of the reports disappeared but here is the latest……
Been out guiding a couple days this week on wading trips on Taneycomo. Today the water is off, but the last 2 days they ran all day. Fishing has been really good, a lot of fish are biting. A 12 lb rainbow was caught the other day. If you are going to use a boat a lot of bigger rainbows are hanging out between Cooper Creek and Fall Creek right now, I imagine starting to stage to come up for their spring spawn.
On Tuesday I had out James from New Orleans, he just got done working the superbowl and came in to go fishing. I believe it was his second time fly fishing. He was catching a fish about every cast, in fact he only broke off 1 time. He really did great. We fished for 4 hours with the water running at about a 1.5 -2 level when we started and dropping around 10 am. He even managed to catch 3 crappies on the fly rod!
We used small scuds, tungsten midge, and our “new experimental” woolly bugger.

They just released a bunch of fish Tuesday, so the little ones have been hard to keep off!

Nice weather has been a plus! 60’s. This afternoon it did start to rain as predicted, and we have had a nice steady rain. Looks as if its about over at least for now.

We are also thinking about starting back up with our original fly fishing club “Branson Fly Fishers”, Let us know if you are interest and maybe we can get going with it again. It really was a lot of fun.

****No Felt boots— they are going to start ticketing
***Fishing License and Trout Permits Expire February 28th.
***We always have free fly tying classes going on. Come join in, or just tell some tales!

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