Fishing Report for March, 2013

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Fishing Report

Water is scheduled to run pretty much all day today. 2 generators early on, going to 1 at 10am. Still great fishing. We are catching fish on alot of different patterns and techniques. Had a couple of trips out this last week, caught alot of fish from the little stockers up to a 21 incher. The weather is not what we would think of for the 1st days of spring, but some hand warmers and a few more layers, and we can still have a great time on the water.

Table Rock is getting closer to pool. We are at 912.5 today, so only another 2.5 feet to pool. Water has been off alot lately giving us some great wading opportunities.

We are catching fish on woolies, sculpins, midges, soft hackles, cracklebacks, and scuds. Got a couple new patterns in the box, so stop in and get a couple and try them out.