Fishing Report for September, 2013

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Fishing Report

I Have been putting in some long days guiding, with lots of success! On Tuesdays trip Bruce landed a really great 25″ rainbow, What a beautiful fish! We were wading up in the dam area. Got some good use out of his new St. Croix Bankrobber, which I might add is a perfect rod for now. That was the biggest one, but we also did see some other extra large fish. Yesterday we went in the boat all day. We caught lots of fish, but nothing extra huge. Water was off in the morning so we couldn’t come up all the way to the dam, but they started running 2 low generators later in the afternoon, so we could make it up farther then. Out today in the boat again should be a great trip, looking forward to it.

Overall we are starting to see many more bigger fish, it almost seems like they show up overnight. As to pin point an exact primetime for all the big browns to show up; I will leave that to the crystal ball! (mine is broke)

Water generation has been pretty consistant, and very close to there projections. For the most part water is off till around 2-4 pm in the afternoon, running for 1-4 hours. Sunday they ran l-2 generators all day, but we still did really well. Monday I didn’t go out, because of all the bow work we had. Archery season is in full swing, And browns are starting to make their presence. Doesn’t get much better!!

We have been using lots of different patterns too. It really does matter what exact area your at as to what works best, which has been hard to make people understand. Not one fly pattern will work up and down the whole stream. Spillways fish different than the rebar hole, or up closer to the dam, or if your fishing slower slack waters. Basically flies vary, so its a must to have a good mix. Top choices should be: Sculpins or woolies for stripping, indicator fishing: scuds (smaller) with a glo bug (and the right size split shot), Soft hackles or cracklebacks for just below the surface, or on top, Dries: big ugly, small gnat or mosquito. Slower waters, zebra midges (make sure they are tied with a tungsten bead).

Hope to see you soon!

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Fishing Report

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Fishing Report