Fishing Report for October, 2013

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Fishing Report

Water generation has been very inconsistant. The phone numbers you can call have not been accurate and the generation schedule has not been correct either. A couple of days you had to physically go down to find out the correct level. Hopefully it is short lived and back to normal. Table Rock has been at the 915.7 level.

Sat, Sunday, and Tuesday pm I did waded trips, and on Saturday Ryan from NC landed a really nice 9# brown. It was a great fish! I really look forward to guiding their group every year, we always have a great time. Wading is really the preferred method for hunting down the big fish, but we have hooked into lots of very good sized fish while out in the boat, A much easier way to go when they are generating.

The browns really did show up later this year than in the past. But it is still going strong, if you haven’t gotten to fish it yet, you may want to make plans to do so.

Fly patterns have been very consistant. Scuds, san juans, glo balls, soft hackles, sculpins, and woolies. A little farther down stream, tungsten midges and micro’s are a good choice.

We are using 5 & 6 wt. rods, and once in a while we break out the 8′6″ 4wt. Echo carbon, a sweet responsive rod, given to me by Tim Rajeff the owner of the company on a recent visit to our shop. And I really love the St. Croix Bank Robber for throwing the streamers. It really can throw a long ways with little effort, and is a great American made rod to have in your line up.

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Fishing Report