Fishing Report

Well, I think the big browns are definitely coming soon. On todays guide trip we were wading below the dam, and actually landed a brown with full spawning colors. I saw a lot more little browns today, than yesterday. Right now there has only been an oddball 1 or 2 larger ones up below the dam. Seeing some nicer rainbows too….22″-23″ range. Looks like things will only be getting better!!

We used chamois worms, san juan worms & darker scuds, fishing this morning. We used other flies too, but I have to say the chamois’ did the best.

Water generation has been very favorable too. Maybe running some each day, generally in the afternoon for a few hours, and if they do run all day it has been a low 1 generator, making it still very wadable.

The weather has been pretty great too.

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