Fishing Report

OK, so it has been a while since we have posted on this site. Been trying to get everything change to our new name ” Anglers Outfitters”, but its proven to be harder than we thought.

We have discontinued our archery area, at least for now, but we are still doing lots of repair work and can order lots of stuff in. We have gotten so much feed back that there is no other place in the area with the archery knowledge, so we will continue, just on a smaller scale.

But with that we have added more fly fishing inventory, and are now the only Simms dealer in the area. As well as many other brands that now can only be bought here.

Now for fishing….. It was a really good fall spawn. We started to see a return of many nicer fish. I believe it will only continue to improve.

Lately fishing has been pretty incredible. They did run 1-3 generators for a couple of weeks, but not so much lately. Currently they will run 1-3 generators for only 3 hours or so, mostly in the 7am-10am range. They are hitting on several different patterns. Really depends how you want to fish. Cracklebacks, olive streamers, scuds, san juan worms, beaded midges and egg beads (Alaska style).

We have gotten a lot of the UV materials in. The UV spectrum is the missing key to fish deception, allowing the fish to key in on the UV light. Stop by and check it out. We also have increased our bait fish tying materials. So if your into these patterns, we have most of the new stuff.

Speaking of tying….. Our beginner fly tying classes are starting Jan. 3rd 9am – 10:30. It will consist of 4 classes. and is intended for anyone who is starting or wants to improve your skills.
Bring whatever equipment you have with you. materials will be provided and the cost is free.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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