Fishing Report

Well our site still hasn’t been updated. But I guess I should update the fishing report.
As most people know we have had our fair share of heavy rains. 2 generators were taken out by lightning last month, so they had to open some of the spillways to keep up. After the last heavy rain they had to open up all 10 gates and raise the flow a lot. Last Friday the gates were all closed and Table Rock is sitting at 919.3. All 4 generators are back working, and I imagine all 4 will keep running till it hits 917.0 and then they will begin letting us have some off water times, allowing us to start wading again. Not to far off.

Because of the high water we have been doing all boat trips, and lots of them. Fishing has been great! We saw an increase in browns recently too, due to the water conditions. Back on June 8th one of the kids that I had out hooked a spoonbill. It was almost the width of the boat. Awesome time. Check out pictures on our facebook : Anglers Outfitters

We are using some of the old stand by’s when it comes to flies.. Scuds, san juan’s, midges, but also using quite a few different patterns. Some new ones too. It has been plain good!

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