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Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Fishing Report

We have had an awesome fall fishing time here on Taneycomo. The brown trout spawn was earlier than past years, but the larger fish numbers were up quite a bit.
On my guide trips we have hooked into several large fish, just not always landing them. This past weekend fishing was somewhat tougher than normal, but I really think oxygen levels were extremely low. I saw several dead sculpins and trout. Table Rock Lake is also turning over, which affects it also.

We have finally been getting a reprieve from all the water generation. It had been running non stop since May. Right now it is generally off till about 1-2 pm running about a 1 generator till anywhere from 3pm – 9pm, then off again.

Wading we have been striping sculpins, or drifting midges, also using scuds, especially hot is the newer UV scud.

Things are starting to wind down on the spawn, so if you haven’t been fishing, you need to get out!

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Fishing Report

Seems like water has been running forever. Lake levels are getting much lower now, so I expect to see some off water levels so we can start wading out more.
I have to say though fish quality has been very good. We have landed some very nice fish lately. Spawning has begun, so we are consistently seeing a few more larger browns daily. My clients have hooked several fish up to 28″, mostly from the boat. Pictures can be seem on our facebook page: Anglers Outfitters
Fly patterns have been very consistent too. Scuds, San juans in Red or Pink, WD-40’s, zebra’s, and hoppers.

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Fishing Report

When will we be able to wade again? That seems to be the burning question. Could be a little while. Table Rock Lake is over 10 feet high right now (927.6). The lakes are all pretty high especially Bull Shoals and Beaver. They are trying to maintain the levels until it gets lower on the bottom end of the river system. Currently they are running 4 generators here, fluctuating from 708 – 710.

All of our guide trips have been in the boat. It is a lot easier that way, and we are catching large amounts of trout. One day we only had a couple of rainbows on, everything else were browns.

San Juan Worms, scuds, and WD-40 midges were working very well. Lots of pictures on facebook so check it out. Anglers Outfitters

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Fishing Report

Well our site still hasn’t been updated. But I guess I should update the fishing report.
As most people know we have had our fair share of heavy rains. 2 generators were taken out by lightning last month, so they had to open some of the spillways to keep up. After the last heavy rain they had to open up all 10 gates and raise the flow a lot. Last Friday the gates were all closed and Table Rock is sitting at 919.3. All 4 generators are back working, and I imagine all 4 will keep running till it hits 917.0 and then they will begin letting us have some off water times, allowing us to start wading again. Not to far off.

Because of the high water we have been doing all boat trips, and lots of them. Fishing has been great! We saw an increase in browns recently too, due to the water conditions. Back on June 8th one of the kids that I had out hooked a spoonbill. It was almost the width of the boat. Awesome time. Check out pictures on our facebook : Anglers Outfitters

We are using some of the old stand by’s when it comes to flies.. Scuds, san juan’s, midges, but also using quite a few different patterns. Some new ones too. It has been plain good!

We have lots of sales going on in the store right now, stop by and check them out! And catch up on the latest!

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Fishing Report

Been a while since I’ve posted on here, all the fishing reports & pictures have been on facebook.

Well its spring again, and a few rains later, Table Rock lake levels have come up quite a bit. They have been running 4 generators day & night, as of lately. Most trips I have been doing are out in the boat. We have still been doing very well. Glad to see the nicer weather also. Wading by the dam is limited to basically the outlets, or that vicinity. Try adding a sinking leader in the higher waters and your success rate might improve. Use a larger tan or brown scud, they have been working great. A few guys have been fishing some of the creeks and catching some also.

If you haven’t stopped by the store lately, we have added lots more items. We are the areas only Simms Dealer, and have gotten in the new Freestone and zipper freestone waders. Of course we have every ones favorite the “G-3’s” too. Their clothing is also very hard to beat!

Redington is having a rebate program starting in April, $25- $50 gift card when you purchase waders, an awesome offer!

We have a new logo also, which means new hats and some nice shirts.

Hope to see you soon!

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Fishing Report

OK, so it has been a while since we have posted on this site. Been trying to get everything change to our new name ” Anglers Outfitters”, but its proven to be harder than we thought.

We have discontinued our archery area, at least for now, but we are still doing lots of repair work and can order lots of stuff in. We have gotten so much feed back that there is no other place in the area with the archery knowledge, so we will continue, just on a smaller scale.

But with that we have added more fly fishing inventory, and are now the only Simms dealer in the area. As well as many other brands that now can only be bought here.

Now for fishing….. It was a really good fall spawn. We started to see a return of many nicer fish. I believe it will only continue to improve.

Lately fishing has been pretty incredible. They did run 1-3 generators for a couple of weeks, but not so much lately. Currently they will run 1-3 generators for only 3 hours or so, mostly in the 7am-10am range. They are hitting on several different patterns. Really depends how you want to fish. Cracklebacks, olive streamers, scuds, san juan worms, beaded midges and egg beads (Alaska style).

We have gotten a lot of the UV materials in. The UV spectrum is the missing key to fish deception, allowing the fish to key in on the UV light. Stop by and check it out. We also have increased our bait fish tying materials. So if your into these patterns, we have most of the new stuff.

Speaking of tying….. Our beginner fly tying classes are starting Jan. 3rd 9am – 10:30. It will consist of 4 classes. and is intended for anyone who is starting or wants to improve your skills.
Bring whatever equipment you have with you. materials will be provided and the cost is free.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Fishing Report

If you have been wondering, the browns have started showing up, and they are bringing lots of friends! When I have been out wading with clients, I am seeing quite a few big ones. We have hooked into several. Some were landed others not so much. Grabbing or hitting the line has been our worst enemy. Instinct is to slow down or stop a big fish, which is what you don’t want to do.

Lots of fish in the 25″ plus range have been caught.

Water generation has been very little. Maybe a generator or 2 in the afternoon for an hour or 2 has been it.

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Fishing Report

Yesterday I had Rob K out on a guide trip in the morning, and he landed a really nice fish. It was a whopping 12.5# rainbow. 25″ x 20″. That is a super size rainbow! It really doesn’t get much better than that! The fish was hooked on a sculpin pattern that we tie here, and released right away, after a couple of pictures (which can be seen on facebook “anglers outfitters”).

Water was off in the morning, and that has been pretty much the pattern except for a couple of days they ran all day, but even then it was a low 1 generator to start.

Last week we did manage to land some nicer browns on guide trips too. We used everything from big uglies to scuds. I think there are many more larger fish yet to come, as we are only seeing a few bigger ones here and there. Not a heavy concentration yet.

Weather is simply great too! Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Fishing Report

Well, I think the big browns are definitely coming soon. On todays guide trip we were wading below the dam, and actually landed a brown with full spawning colors. I saw a lot more little browns today, than yesterday. Right now there has only been an oddball 1 or 2 larger ones up below the dam. Seeing some nicer rainbows too….22″-23″ range. Looks like things will only be getting better!!

We used chamois worms, san juan worms & darker scuds, fishing this morning. We used other flies too, but I have to say the chamois’ did the best.

Water generation has been very favorable too. Maybe running some each day, generally in the afternoon for a few hours, and if they do run all day it has been a low 1 generator, making it still very wadable.

The weather has been pretty great too.

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Fishing Report

It’s been a pretty busy Labor Day Weekend here. Not a lot of running water, which is great for waders. Yesterday it ran for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and today it was to run 1 generator all day but they didn’t follow there own schedule, they started at 4pm, 2 generators.

Fishing below the dam has been much better in the early mornings. It can be a fish on nearly every cast lately. First thing in the mornings, try using a dry fly, or a midge, black or red. We have been stripping sculpins also. The mega worm was crazy good the last few days. Of course the ole staple… scuds have been a great producer too. We also had some of Adam’s Ice shrimp in stock this weekend, and for those who got them, they did very well.

Most everything we caught was mostly rainbows, but did land a couple of browns. Shouldn’t be too much longer before we start to see more browns!